NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Well 25 years, the streak is alive :slight_smile:
Thanks to slightly less of a stumble :smack: than the Bruins complete collapse today. (Actually a 6-3 PP with 20 seconds to go was setting up for an exciting finish until Abdelkader decided to ice it on behalf of the Rangers)

But alive it is. And an interesting series with the Lightning await them. Been an even match-up for a while now. And with Stamkos fighting blood issues, it certainly looks possible.

On to the best part of the year.

And the Flyers just made the playoffs!!!

So they’re the spoiler team for the Caps, I suppose. :wink:

In your dreams.

This stupid divisional playoff system is so messed up. I’ve hated it from when it was proposed precisely because of the perverse outcomes it produces:

  • Philadelphia will finish ahead of the Red Wings in the standings, but Philly has to play the #1 team in the conference while Detroit gets a much easier opponent (#6!)
  • Chicago could finish as the #3 team in their conference, and not even get home-ice advantage and play the #2 team.
  • LA/Anaheim could finish as the #4 team and play the #6 team, while the team that finishes #5 could face the #7 team.

The Hawks get the Blues, who have stumbled in the playoffs over the past 4 years or so. The Hawks haven’t been great the past month or so, but they usually shine in the playoffs, 2012 being an outlier.

We will see about the “stumbling”…we had a pretty good season and are fairly healthy…time will tell.

Lets Go BLUES!!!

Yeah, by the skin of their teeth. The Caps will most likely roll right over them. In fact, if our best players hadn’t been scratched, you probably wouldn’t be there. You’ll get your ass kicked and I’ll be right there smiling like a butcher’s dog.

Speaking of, if you took me back to the beginning of the season, and told me the Pens would not only be in the playoffs, but 2nd in the Metro, I’d have assumed you were sniffing zamboni fuel. If Sullivan doesn’t get the nod for the Jack Adams, that’ll be a total snub. I mean, my god. I’m just praying that Murray’s all right and that Fleury will be healed in time.

The Blues have stumbled in the playoffs forever. Only two Conference Championship appearances in the last 30 years. . . maybe this year will be different.

Cliche time: The playoffs are a different game. All 16 teams have professional hockey players - none are going to just roll over. There is a bit of randomness to the puck bounces. The hot goalie…

A few years ago I watched the finals and remember thinking that the teams were playing a different game than what I’d seen the Caps play. Last year I didn’t think that. This year with six 20-goal scorers, I like the offensive balance. But, there is a reason they play the games. The worst part is my niece is getting married on the same day as game 2. :smack:

TJ Oshie’s visit with Libby Li (viral on YouTube crying when he was traded) on Saturday is just one more reason I love hockey.

Now let’s be fair. For most of the late 00s they stumbled well before the playoffs

Looking forward to attending my first playoff game in 36 years tomorrow…last one I went to my team won a shiny silver Cup.

Lets Go Islanders!

Great game by the Stars last night. The Wild sure don`t look like they can hang.

This is what people said just before the Kings won their first Cup, what they said before the Red Wings finally won a Cup in the Yzerman era, so on and so forth. Never count anyone out because guys wearing the same shirts choked a few years ago.

I can’t believe that the NHL didn’t check my niece’s wedding plans when they scheduled the playoffs this year. I will have to miss game 2 of the Caps-Flyers. She better appreciate my efforts to get there. I did attend game 1 last night. My son is not attending the wedding so I hope he has fun with my seats. :frowning:

Can’t believe how much Sullivan has tured the team around. Hoping Zatkoff can hold it down against the Rangers.

Pro Hockey Talk says Malkin might be back tomorrow too.

Just substitute hockey for football, and cell phone loaded with the Caps app for pocket radio and this could be you.

So you’re saying the Sharks have a chance?

So, no Canadian teams in this year, which surprisingly doesn’t disappoint me, since I’m used to being perpetually disappointed.

I hope either the Panthers or the Capitals win it all this year. I like Jagr and Ovi. Bonus for Luongo.

Small though it might be with Captain November on the team, yup.

He looks like he has made it to the finals.