NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Hell, they used to call Yzerman similar stuff to Captain November. Now he’s like the second greatest leader of all time if you listen to some people.

Well I don’t know about Malkin, but I think Fleury’s supposed to be back in the net. Zatkoff really kicked some serious ass the other night. I feel bad about doubting him all the time. When he’s on his game, he’s ON.

All right. Much better game for the Wings and Mrazek with a clutch shutout.

Andrew Shaw suspended for one game for a gay slur. I believe this is this first time this has happened. Not only is it a playoff game, it’s also a win or go home game for the Blackhawks.

Sharks beat the Kings and advance to Round 2!!!

Pens have a chance to close out the first round today. crosses fingers I cannot imagine Sullivan NOT getting a nomination for the Jack Adams if he’s elligible. Murray’s on fire, Cullen’s playing like a kid half his age, and it’s like Malkin was never injured. squee

44 Saves for Neuvy!! What was he on?

Looking good so far…

What time is it? 6 past Lundqvist. :smiley:

Apparently. I didn’t take the Pens in my pool. :smack:

Huge news.

Apparently Chicago just needs to keep doing what they’re doing in order to win the game. That revelation just came from someone interviewed between periods.

I have to remember to pass this on to Toronto next year. It’s a very important piece of information.

Wow, the Stars sure do make all of their games interesting. A comfortable 4-0 lead going into the third period turns into a 5-4 nailbiter.

At least they are moving onto the second round. Also, Jamie Benn is showing himself to be a solid playoff performer with 10 points and a point in every game so far.

I’m trying to watch the Florida-Islanders game right now but after the Stars my nerves are too shot. If the Stars are going to do this every series Lindy Ruff is going to have a stroke. His hair has already whitened about 10 degrees since he came to Dallas. We seem to be on the edge of disaster and at the same time on the edge of triumph all the time. And as a part-time Blackhawks fan I can’t decide who to root for tomorrow. If the Hawks lose I will know for sure who to root for in the next series.

Jamie Benn is amazing. I’ve also been pretty impressed with some of the new kids. Faksa and Johns are both going to be solid. Not sure about Klingberg; he keeps turning the puck over at the worst possible times. Just when I’m ready to give up on him though he makes some incredible pass. But the question of course is goaltending. I have very little faith in either of our goaltenders. If we had Dubnyk or Holtby, no one could beat us.

As Leaffan said above, I am used to being disappointed, only of course by the Canucks in general and the wonder twins in particular.

As for Bobby Lou hoisting the cup, I would love that. But it might mean a lot of disharmony in my household, since the Horatio Nelson Muntz in my life cheers for the Islanders.

(He respectfully submits that his hockey pool lottery at work has Florida in the first round.)

Did anyone see the 52 seconds left tying goal in the Game 6 of Isles/Fla series?

I am now torn between hoping that NYI win it tonight, or hoping it goes to Game 7 so Bobby Lou doesn’t need anti-depressants this summer.

The ISLANDERS win a playoff series!

Let’s Go CAPS!


Great series.

Yeah, well enjoy it for now. Cuz we’re going to kick your ass. :smiley:

Oh let me rock the red for a minute or three.