Nice easy Italian-y breakfast scramble

No great revelations here, just something nice I made this morning. Surely nothing new. I’m just spreading the gospel of “it’s easy and fun to make up stuff in the kitchen.”

First, make some bacon. Take the bacon out of the skillet, but leave the grease.

Break the bacon up into small pieces–maybe as big around, on average, as a pea. Set these bacon bits aside.

Now into that same skillet, break some eggs. Put some mozzarella cheese in there with the eggs. Start scrambling. (I added a little salt and black pepper at this point.) Add in some shredded basil and diced tomatoes* once the eggs are starting to become scrambled-egg chunks.

Finally, as it’s coming to a finish, add the broken up bacon. (Late in the process, so it stays crispy.)


'S’real good!


*If you don’t have tomatoes you know for a fact to be tasty, just use canned petite diced tomatoes (drained of most of the water in the can).