Nice little earthquake we just had in Orange County...

10:30 am PDT. My home page is an earthquake map but it hasn’t updated yet, so let’s see if I can predict epicenter and magnitude.

I say it was on a nearby fault because it was a shaking, rather than a rolling, motion. For magnitude I’ll say 4.0.

Missed the edit window while making hyperlinks. My home page, for instance.

Hah, I was way off. This page says preliminary magnitude 4.7 centered near Lake Elsinore. That’s over thirty-five miles from my present location near the 405/22 junction.

Did anyone else have a guess at it?

[aside] My initial reaction, in those first few second waiting to see if the earthquake was going to become something destructive, wasn’t, “Oh no, I hope this isn’t The Big One because I could get hurt or killed!” It was, “Oh no, I hope this isn’t The Big One because Bush is still in office!” Meaning that California is a “blue” state and presumably stands to receive even less federal help than Louisiana and Mississippi did after Hurricaine Katrina. It wasn’t a sarcastic thought, either; it was just ingrained.

Yeah, we felt it in the San Gabriel Valley. First thought is always waiting to see if it’s going to be one worth getting in the doorway for. But it was short and gentle, and I was in the middle of a deep conversation with a PS2 game at the moment, so I stayed put. :smiley:

I live near the L.A./O.C. border and didn’t even notice it.

Nothing out here in the South Bay.

My husband felt it in Mission Viejo, a nice roller. The boys and I were on the beach in Newport and didn’t feel a thing.

I hate to miss one… I slept through so many over the years…

Yeah, felt it here in LA - I’m a few miles northwest of downtown. Nothing major, but noticeable; my floor shook maybe a little bit less than it did during that Chatsworth quake a few weeks ago (which woke me up when it occurred).

Nothing here in Carson (Baja Compton).

My wife came running in saying “did you feel that”? I told her that pouring beer on her cornflakes for breakfast was probably a bad idea seeing as how I didn’t feel anything. I guess I was wrong.

Yeah, you should really stick with Grape Nuts or museli with beer; corn flakes just get all soggy and nasty. I also recommend a stout or a creamy Smithwick’s type ale rather than an IPA or Scotch ale with a lot of hops, but that, of course, is a matter of personal preference and no one should be judged the worse for diverging from it.

I can’t say as I noticed it, but I belive I was in transit at the time, and the amount of NVH noise one tends to get from a tight suspension moving at immodest speeds tends to mask all but the most dramatic seismic events.


We never get earthquakes here in Ohio. At least not any good ones.

I hope I didn’t just doom us all.

Are you sure? You live in the New Madrid Fault area, the largest earthquake in US history struck there in 1811. There were several, at least two may have been as strong as 8.0.

The link shows a map of recent quakes in the area. You had a 3.8 near Aurora OH. on March 12th 2007.