Nice Little Things

First bike ride of the year.

Fresh coat of wax on the car.

Planting all the new things after a trip to the garden center.

A haircut.

A rainy weekend with no plans but movies and delivery for dinner.

I’m working on a project. My inventory of tools is small (no table saw, chop saw, recip saw, drill press). After measuring each piece of said project a googol of times and making all the cuts, I fit in the last piece and IT FITS PERFECTLY!! WHOO-HOO! Project finished and it works! And I step back to admire it.

A corollary is when the project looks stupid as sin but works like gangbusters.

The smell of air after the rain
Having the windows open, clearing the house
Playing in the dirt (technically, gardening, but realistically…)
Sitting in the sauna after a good workout (miss it terribly)
Trying a new recipe and it turns out better than expected
Going grocery shopping and not forgetting anything
Freshly cleaned floors / vacuumed rugs
A cold beer after working outside
My cat’s face

When it’s chocolate pudding, it’s still warm, and you pour a little cold heavy cream on top. Yum!

I’m going to live vicariously through you for a while.

Having the Jeep start without having to bang on the starter with a 4 foot metal pipe. Simple pleasures!

The first hamburgers of the season coming hot off the charcoal grill and set up with all of your favorite toppings…

Tossing something unbalanced and not aerodynamic perfectly into the trash can or hamper without hitting the sides.

The gaze of a loving non-human friend…especially one of my special needs girls.

When the home-mixed salsa is just right.

After I replied I thought of that! Although I’ve never used heavy cream, just cold milk. MMM

I’ll second that MMM and add another MMM.

The smell and taste of freshly baked bread.

The smell of fish and chips on a cold winter day*.


* - the taste is never quite as good. Oh, but the smell…

When I was in the navy (Royal Canadian version) standing bridge watches in the middle of the night, every few days one of the cooks would bring a tray of freshly baked cookies around to all the watchkeepers.

You’re bloody tired, it’s damp and chilly and you’ve got a couple of hours left on watch then fresh cookies appear - priceless!

^ That’s a class act, truly!