Nice Little Things

When someone is genuinely excited to see you

When it’s warm enough out to open the windows

When you and an animal can communicate and understand each other. Like you’re a whole different species, but you can still speak enough of each other’s language to get the message across. Especially since SO MUCH of it is a million different ways of saying “I love you.”

When you sleep through the night

When you start a TV show or book/series and it’s great and you’ve still got almost the whole thing ahead of you

When you get a package in the mail, even when it’s something completely mundane that you ordered yourself

When you get to the best part in a song you love

When it’s the day after laundry day or grocery day and you’ve got loads of options for what to eat/wear

… add yours!

When it’s cool enough outside to open the windows.

The extra fries found in the bottom of the bag when the meal is done.
When the cat insists that it is time to get in touch, nose-to-nose.
A real letter from a real friend.

When the day’s work is done and you can relax with that - whatever it is for you. (For me- a good book.)

When you look at something that’s very good and can say I planted / fixed / built that.

When you make a meal from lots of little bits of leftovers and everyone says “YUM - we need to have this again”.

When you wake up in the morning, are all warm and comfortable, and realize that you don’t have to get up until you want to.

When you first step under the streaming hot water in the shower on a cold winter’s morning.

When you first step under the shower’s streaming chill water on a steamy summer day.

The first mouthful of ice cold beer.

The thrill you feel when, from out of nowhere, the answer to a problem or question just suddenly, unbidden pops into your head .

When one or both dogs bark, “Good Morning,” at me when I exit the bedroom.

Finding a raisin, peanut or M&M under the sofa cushion while watching TV.

An e-mal from someone you met while traveling five years ago.

Mail with a stamp on the corner.

The word “Welcome” after you hope you have jumped through all the security hoops including at least one character.

Getting all settled in at home and discovering a candy bar i impulse bought earlier and stuck in my pocket.

The anticipation upon opening a brand new bag of sparkling oregano.

Getting home after a trip.

Finally getting to sleep in your own bed!


Finding that your oregano and rosemary plant survived a hard winter. Of course, the thyme and chives made it; they always do.

Yes, and finally taking a shower in your own bathroom and sleeping in your own bed.

Walking into a room you’ve recently rearranged or redecorated and surprising yourself. On purpose.

Putting on a jacket you haven’t worn in months and finding money in the pocket.

Loading up the pantry/freezer.

My favorite “nice little thing” of late: MeTV recently began showing a 3-hour block of vintage cartoons every Saturday morning. I love spending a chunk of time weekly with Popeye, Tom and Jerry, and Loony Tunes, preferably while still in my PJs.

Discovering a movie you want to watch is now available on your subscribed service.

Finding where all the cat toys have been hidden.

Being frustrated when you discover that you paid next month’s bill and then discovering that you owe nothing when that bill comes along.

A sun shower.

A neighbor who knocks on your door with a plate of cookies in her hand.

Getting the laundry washed, dried, sorted and clean sheets on the bed.

Home from the dispensary with four different strains, trying to decide which to open first.

Forgetting that you had cleaned a room and then discovering it all cleaned and pretty.
Fresh sheets and newly laundered pajamas after a bedtime bath.
The first frogs of spring.
Lighting a candle.
Chickens marching down the path in their self-important way.

Wagging tails.

Opening windows for the first time after winter.
Hanging laundry outside for the first time after winter.
Going to bed in the sheets that were hung outside.
Cleaning out a cupboard, closet, drawer or the fridge and then admiring it throughout the day.
The frogs singing in spring and the crickets singing in summer.
Having something delicious to eat and having something wonderful to watch while you eat it.
Sitting in the sun on the first 70+ degree day, reading a good book (or magazine or doing a crossword), and having a good snack.
The first sweet watermelon of the season.
Grandkids laughing.
The cooked variety of chocolate pudding and eating it while it’s still warm (and then eating the skin!)
The smell of cut grass on a summer evening.
Sitting by a lake that is so calm that is looks like glass.
Dog kisses.

Clean sheets and new blankets are the best.

Listening to a kid tell you with full sincerity about how and why they’re certain Santa is real

When you’re working on an art/craft/graphics project and find colors that look perfect together
… And in that vein, the moment with a project when the vision/idea sort of falls into place in your head and all you have to do is make it look like that.

Putting the last few pieces in place on a puzzle

When a friend sends you a meme/comic/joke