Life's Little Pleasures

Clean, cool sheets on a warm summer night.

A piece of strawberry flavored, full-sugar bubblegum. About once a year.

green olives marinated in tabasco

Two hours in the swimming pool and then–a can of orange soda. About once a year.

New socks.

New hand-knitted socks.

Realizing that mercifully, there’s no such thing as olives marinated in tobacco.

Your Realtor calling to say the seller accepted your offer.

Finding tweny-five bucks in the pocket of a jacket you’ve not worn for seven months.

A cat on the pillow, purring right beside my ear.

Getting off (work) early on a Friday afternoon.

Taking a long drive on a November morning in Arizona.

A particulary dramatic monsoonal storm when you’re home with nowhere to go. Looking forward to it!

Getting flowers delivered to you at work.

Waking up at 4 and realizing you still have two whole hours to sleep.

Summer evenings on the porch with iced tea.

A small dog sleeping soundly in your lap on said porch, along with a large dog sleeping soundly with his head on your bare foot.

Seeing the first bloom on the rosebush you labored over.

Rare and unexpected finds on e-Bay.

Strong coffee, scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, fresh sliced peaches, and perfectly golden toast brushed with real butter waiting when you wake up.

The realtor calling to say that the buyer accepted your counter-offer.

The dog putting his head on your lap, gazing at you blissfully, and sighing happily.

Lying down to take a nap and just floating away.

A long conversation with a good friend about life, love, and the people who are important to you.

Taking off my shoes when I get home from work then walking barefoot on the carpet.

That fresh, cool feeling in the air after a summer storm.

A cold pool on a hot day.

A lemon slice from your glass of lemonade hitting you in the nose.

Nothing beats the sensation of a good, solid, unobstructed crap falling into the toilet.

The first hug from your SO when you return from a work trip.

p.s. This is one of the most beautiful threads I’ve seen on these boards.

Out of the blue, receiving mail from a friend you’ve not heard from in a while.

Cracking open the claw of a boiled lobster, digging out the meat, dipping it in butter, and letting the sweet, salty, lobstery taste melt in your mouth… knowing that it’s only the first bite of many…

  • Laughing until your cheeks hurt

  • Puppy breath

  • Watching a favorite movie again , even tho you can quote dialog from it .

  • A soft , whiskery horse muzzle on your cheek

  • A star-filled night with the only sounds the crickets and frogs , and the squeak of the porch swing

  • The joyful greeting I get from my dogs

  • having a soft , floppy puppy go to sleep in my arms , pursing those puppy lips and sighing

(I agree … this thread is a breath of fresh air !)

A fresh haircut.
A heavily starched shirt.
A nice swim in the morning.

Making your bicycle tires whine because you’re riding hard.

Smelling the muggy, pre-dawn salt air.

Smelling freshly cleaned bed linens.

Hugs from relatives you haven’t seen in a long time.

Finishing a task that was a PITA to do.

Finding out the company that laid you off is in financial trouble 3 years later.

Losing enough weight that people notice.