The oddly satisfying little things of life.

I had an epiphany over the weekend, over something quite mundane and of low importance In The Great Scheme Of Things.

While out for a 12 mile recreational ride on my bike, I realized that one of the little things that make life great is the road whine my tires make when I ride hard.

Then I got to thinking of the other little joys of life:

– Having my dog cuddle up with me on the couch

– Seeing my son get in a jam, then Doing The Right Thing to get out of it without my coaching;

– A home grilled hamburger, refrigerator pickles, a cold beer, and watermelon for desert on a hot, lazy summer day;

– Paying off a nagging debt;

– Pushing myself into accomplishing something I’ve not done before.

Anyone care to add to the list?

–The moment when a dish, like a pie or casserole or pizza, is finally perfectly assembled and ready to go into the oven. It’s almost as good as actually eating it.

–I also enjoy the moment when the bath/jammies/toothbrushing routine is accomplished and I can send them out to Daddy for storytime.

–Coming back to make the final edits on a report and realizing that it’s pretty darn good, but I can make it even better.

–Seeing dolphins when I’m out for my morning walk. (Although I’ll settle for hummingbirds, or even a lizard. I still get a kick out of lizards, even after 15 years in California.)

Seeing a front yard full of white clover in bloom.

Knowing the names of the plants I see.

When my cats look at me when I call their names.

When I’m learning a new song on the piano, and my left hand and right hand suddenly coordinate.

Seeing a patch of dirt.

When I wake up believing it’s time to get up, only to discover that I have several hours of delightful sleep left.

Snow days.

Macaroni and cheese.

Finding a five dollar bill in a pants pocket.

Hot glazed donuts.

When people visit my website.

Free Sushi.

Krispy Kreems are Krispy Krappy. :wink: Nice site!

The audible ‘snap’ of cotton pants when you throw a near-perfect kick.

The smell of microwave lasagna cooking.

A good game of Street Fighter played against a skill friend.

Putting pennies, or other coins into penny/coin rolls.

Realizing that anyone who bullied you when you were young is now either dead or in jail.

The sound of an airplane above your head.

The sound of absolute nothing. No cars, no birds, no heartbeat, no breathing, Simple silence.

The sound of rain on a car roof - only when parked, not driving. (inspired by the thunderstorm-induced shaking dog underfoot right now).

Also, that little happy dance my dog does when she knows she’s about to go for a walk.

The sound of a distant train whistle blowing in the still of the night.

Fireflies dancing on the lawn.

The purr of a tiny kitten you’re holding in your lap.

The first scoop of peanut butter out of a new jar.

The silvery glitter of ice and snow in moonlight on a crisp, quiet night.

You’re not all wimps.

Awright dammit, fog rolling through the woods when I went to the car this morning, as the first dove begins cooing.

One of my satisfying things of life is when I get a compliment on one my children. Today I was at the mechanics paying for my daughters car that had just gotten fixed. (She’s 18 years old) She told me she was going to go ahead and take her car and leave. She came back in the office / mechanic’s waiting room a few minutes later and held out a Five Dollar Bill to the employee who pulled her car around and said “I found this in my car. Did it fall out of your pocket?” The man checked his pocket, and said it wasn’t his. After she left, the man said, almost under his breath… “you can sure tell that she’s been raised right”. :slight_smile: I was swelling with pride.


When I go out for some early morning exercise and the pigeons fly out from the roof of my veranda.

Showering after early morning exercise.

Tipping our local third-world workers too much.

Having enough money to give to the Shrine Hospitals for Crippled Children.

Sitting in Lodge with my Brothers. Especially in a new city or country.

Seeing an ATM card sticking out of a ATM machine, seeing a woman pull out of a parking space nearby, putting two and two together and hurredly flagging her down to return her forgotten card, and seeing the look of relief and gratitude on her face.

Overhearing parents exclaim to a Director what a great job I am doing tutoring their kids, and how much their kids love coming in just to say hello to me.


Most satisfing to me is pulling really big and hairy bugger from my nose hole :smiley:

How your dog jumps up and wags their tail and is so happy to see you when you get home.

Learning something new you didn’t think you could do.

Waking up past noon.

Leaving on Friday afternoon knowing you have a full 2 days off.

Buying a new pair of shoes.

Finding a skate key.

Learning to whistle.

Telling the time.


OK seriously,

Hearing/seeing your own name.
Having Coldstone ice cream, or any ice cream.
Crying and realizing that you’ve been kind of holding back tears for about 2 years.
Really bad puns, but you can’t help laughing.

  • Submitting a post.

  • Driving somewhere in your car and getting there safely.

  • Checking your email.

  • looking at a freshly mowed lawn

  • smelling the flowers I planted in the spring

  • playing a board game and getting ( legitametly ) beat by one of the kids

  • the needle going into my arm, as I am about to donate blood

  • getting to the end of a book that is really lame ( I finish most everything I begin )

When the power goes out during a booming thunderstorm and the candles and boardgames come out. Or, playing boardgames in a candlelit room with a lit Christmas Tree and classical music in the background.

Driving to the country market for fresh apple pie and fudge.

The smell of Autumn.

The first real snowfall.

Eating the point off someone else’s pie.

Jumping in a pile of leaves.


Checking my e-mail and not having any spam.

Getting through a day at work without my computer crashing.

A day with no heartburn (this is made better if I didn’t take my pill and still don’t get heartburn)

Warm homemade baked potato bread and beef stew with lots of potatoes with a huge wedge of sharp chedder cheese, a tall glass of mild and pumpkin pie for dessert.