Nicholas Batum disgraces himself, his team, his country, et al

In case you missed it, Nicholas Batum, an NBA star playing for his home country of France, nut-punched someone on the Spanish team because Batum thought he was “flopping too much”. He was quoted as saying “I wanted to give him something to flop about.” Classy. You’ve managed to disgrace yourself, offend nearly everyone who competes in the Olympics, embarrass the French team, embarrass your home country of France, your host country of the United States, and the Portland Trailblazers, who pay you a lot of money to not only play ball, but to conduct yourself like something other than a common thug. Fuck you, asshole. I hope you are NEVER asked to return to the games and are booed off the court when you play your season opener this year in Portland.

Yep. Major dickmove, highly conspicuous and abysmally timed.

BTW, Nicholas Batum also spells Anatomic Blush, which is kind of apropos here.

Wow. What a little bitch move. I can’t believe he wasn’t ejected from the game and sent home.I hate when stuff like this happens. But I think I get even more angry when the officials don’t deal with it properly. If I owned the Portland Trailblazers I’d kick him off the damn team. Unbelievable.

He was a free agent or whatever this year and was threatening to go to the Timberwolves. The Blazers swore to match his offer, so we’ve got him for another fucking tour, at least.

Here’s a photo of the deed.

I dunno, I think I could get behind having the penalty for flopping being getting punched in the nuts. Granted, to be proper the sentence should be carried out by an impartial official nut-puncher.

I didn’t realize you were such a piece of shit. I’ll make a note of it.


I’m guessing flopping = diving

Flopping is when a player falls down from light or normal contact. Contact that wouldn’t really cause him to fall. It’s usually accompanied by the arms being throw out to the side, as if from the severe impact. Sometimes it almost earns an academy ward nomination.

See where being sports-ignorant leads you? From the context, I was thinking ‘flopping’ had something to do with unrestrained testicles.

Thanks for that. I’m imagining those goats that play dead at the slightest scare.

So was he just annoyed at them for acting like pussy willows, or did their fake crashes get him called out on false penalties?

The latter. It’s actually becoming a bigger and bigger deal, even in the NBA. Particularly with star players. If Lebron James is driving and you can put yourself in a position to draw a foul, well a little histrionics can help get that call. The problem is that it makes the refs a larger part of the game, which is not what you want. I’d be all for the refs calling players for flopping and giving them two freakin fouls for it. BUt what Batum did was a full-on pussy move. You can’t just 1) blind side a guy who is not expecting a punch 2) during a basket ball game 3) in the nuts.

Sounds like they are taking him down with them. Is hacking the rules like that by flopping considered a failure of integrity by all or part of the game by some?

Too bad his name is actually Nicolas Batum. As a Blazer fan, I wish he had gone to the Wolves this summer.

Christadelphia, you cluck, it was a joke! And a decent-to-good one too. Wipe the boogers out of your eyes.

Only half a joke. Theatrics intended to draw fouls are shit play and detract from sport. They should be penalized as heavily as the imaginary fouls they’re pretending to be caused by.

The guy in question does seem like a bit of an unrestrained testicle, so you may be on to something there.

I’ll defend Batum just this once. It’s natural for a player to be irked by his opponent if that opponent is not only un-sportsmanlike but cowardly as well. Men find cowardice hard to forgive during a contest, possibly because it also makes them look bad.

And the answer is to sucker punch home in the nuts? Bullshit. Batum’s move was a little bitch move. If his goal was to out “unmanly” the other guy, he surely did succeed art that. I just wish it was earlier in the Olympics and he had been kicked out of the whole Olympics village.

In terms of unsportsmanlike and cowardly behaviour, punching another guy in the balls has a fair shot at the title.