Nicknames for your co-workers?

What nicknames are you and your co-workers known by? Not the nasty backstabby ones, but the ones everyone knows about.

At the moment I work with Corpse, Big Gay Badger, Batty, Pikey, The Big King, Firewall, CT, Stinky Griff, Madness, Deadpan, Queen Liz, Trumpet, The Doctor, Girlfriend, Penile, Filth, Fat Cock, Geeks, Mincer and Porn Star.

I used to call my manager “Maestro.” He was a contracts manager, but he reminded me of those old classic composers who would shut their doors against the world while they pounded out their latest masterpiece.

I think I cribbed it from the old “Ellery Queen” TV series starring Jim Hutton.

Among my non-work friends, I refer to one of my cow-orkers as ET. I would never do it to his face or to anyone who might actually know him…but the resemblance is definitely there.

we have daffy and the dominatrix.

I used to call my boss “Emperor” (not to his face) just from the way he carried himself. He was a great guy and all, but he really let us know he was top dog in the company.

A friend of mine had a coworker they called Red Dave, because there were two Daves and Red Dave had red hair. However I cannot get over the communist insinuation that nickname has

Well, there’s the Idiot in My Cube and the Idiot in The Next Cube. Not too creative, but accurate.

Incidentally, the Idiot in My Cube isn’t me - there are four modules per cube, and he sits on the other side of the printer from me.

Yeah, so sez YOU!!

My former co-worker Jodi is “Jode tha Toad”
My former co-worker Ryan is “Coach”
My former co-worker Bill is “Billy-Bob”

My former co-worker who recently became my current co-worker Ivy is “Eye-Bee” - I regularly send her e-mail with salutation clipart of an eyeball and a bumblebee. She loves it.

To my non-work friends my supervisor is known as “Weird Al”. She totally resembles him, what with the moustache and all.

I wish I was kidding…

Oh… You said “not nasty backstabby ones”. Oops. Well, Lsura did it first!

Well, I do work with Veggimike, Emjay and Woo-Woo …

Woo-Woo? I’d like to work with someone called Woo-Woo.

One of the checkers at the supermarket in which I work is known as “Lady Di”. We call her this to her face, as her name is Diana. When it is just the guys and we’re in the back room, she is known as “THAT BITCH.”

I work with a 17-year-old that I call “Junior,” just because he’s younger than I am, but looks much older. (damn this baby face!) The 16-year-old I call “Son,” just to be patronizing. I work with a Joanna, which is shortened to Jo-Jo; our manager’s last name is Cooper, so he gets called Coop.

There’s also Shorty (me), the Brat, Not-a-Bitch, K-K, and Other Dave.


We have a supervisor who isn’t exactly Einstein, so we call Adelaide because she’s an hour behind (play on Aussie time zones).

There’s also The Emperor, Buck, Scottish Git, Puss, Herbie (like, dood), The Klingon, Cement Head, The King, The Queen, and a guy called Canice became Canice Horribilis because he’s such a prick.

My old boss, Polly, was affectionately known as " Poison Pen Polly" because of her outstanding ability to write a complaint letter.

Her husband, JD, was known as " Jimmy Stewart" only fatter. Talked just like him.

Well, I work with Struttin’ Sutton, The Baron, LuLu, and MC Double T.

Those are my friends and coworkers.


Current cow-orkers include Bog, G-dog, Jomer, Crotch, Red, Stick-man, Tripod, FreakinHomo, and Lizard Breath.

Past cow-orkers are KevinJ, Bootyhead (my little sister), Gary Gump, PattyCake, and Slapnuts (or Slappy for short).

Someone is starting to call me Virus at work (I’m a computer geek), don’t know if it is gonna stick.

My current supervisor has a couple, Osama bin Momma and Hitlerette. On days she is nice, which are quite rare, she is simply known as Mother.

A former co-worker was known a The Gripper. Had a habit of going to the rest room at work to spank the monkey and he was not very discreet.

Another former co-worker was known as The Preacher. People would go out of their way to avoid him. Everyone is a sinner and he felt he had to save their souls. He transferred to another shop after he was caught with a prostitute.

Well, we call my boss “the Alien” but it hasn’t risen to the level of a nickname.

We have two Pats and two Karens in my office. Instead of simply using their last initial, we complicate by saying things like “You mean the Pat M Pat, or the Pat Y Pat?”

I used to be call Zooby-Doo at my old office. I sort of miss it.

We have catch phrases more than nicknames. For example, one of the Pats is “It’s All About Me.” We have a tacit agreement that when she is not in the office, It’s All About Cranky. Otherwise, It’s All About Pat.