Do You and Your Coworkers Have Nicknames?

At my work, we have The Queen, The Princess, The Lady in Waiting, The Red-Headed Stepchild (also known as “Fucking Denise!” because that’s what you often say when one of her frequents mistakes you happen to come upon suddenly and without warning), The Nawty1, The Amazon, and myself, Bebba.

Do you people have nicknames at your work, or do we just have too much time on our hands? It couldn’t be the second one, though, I’m pretty sure.

I just wish I could get them to stop calling me “Turd Blossom”…

A woman who is kinda my boss…I always greet her with “Hey chuckles…” or “howdy giggles…” or “what’s up teehee…” not that she laughs a lot, but it is just something I started ages ago when she was having a bad day and it kinda stuck. Now she does the same to me and the rest of the office looks at us like we are crazy, but it is just our way of letting each other know that the work is crap and we’re underpaid, but still don’t mind showing up everyday.

At my first programming job my desk was in a room with two other guys. One of them turns to me and asks me a question about something that a guy in another room would be the guy to ask about. So I turn to him and say:

“Go” and make walking movements with my hands.
“talk” make talking hand movements.
“to” pointing motion.
“John” and the universal symbol of big breasts.

So, following that John (male) was often said at the same time as making the hand motion. We soon added rubbing the left nipple, rubbing the right nipple, and the symbol of the shlong to refer to the other three of us.

We had a lot of free time. But it was fun. :smiley:

Yep, the maintenence staff loves to give each other nicknames. I work in a large factory, about 3500 people total, and the masses of production folks don’t tend towards nicknames but the skilled trades do.

I’m an apprentice and was called Guppy by my first mentor who calls all apprentices that, but upon moving to a different area was christened Princess. Oddly, not because I’m some squeamish girly-girl who’s unwilling to get dirty or work hard, but because of a silly argument over what to call females who act professionally. We were sitting around shooting the shit one day and someone opined that it’s stupid for actresses to demand to be called actors, since actress is a perfectly good and well-understood term and it’s not meant to be derogatory hence protesting it’s usage is feminazism run amuck, etc. I maintained that terms like actor and waiter and steward were perfectly good terms that got pussified needlessly and it’s all well and just to drop the silly essness. The men all admitted they wouldn’t call a female physician a Doctoress, nor a female driver a chauffeuress, but started riffing on me being an electricianess or apprentice-ess and someone came up with the Princess thing.

So I ‘won’ but they got theirs back by bestowing a silly nickname. :cool:

Not really, except for Frank, whom I’ve taken to nicknaming “That rude fucking jerkoff who doesn’t have any friends in the whole fucking library.”

No one else calls him that, though, and I only call him that when I’m talking to my wife, so that’s probably not what you’re looking for.

We don’t, but there was a homicide detective who was named Dammit Misty.

Her name was Misty.

I had heard of this, but never worked with her. She turns up dog tired (been up homicide detective hours) on a multiple gunshot wound case who happens to have a, er, nonlethal perforation through Mr. Happy. She suggests provocatively that he just might have shot himself through it.


Oh, because he wanted to commit suicide when he saw all the guns pointed at him, and thought that was where his brain was…

Without pause to reflect I said “Dammit, Misty!”

And that’s when I understood where her name came from.

She has since retired from police work.

Slightly off the topic but where I work the staff are given codes which are used on planning documents to show who has to do what. No problem so far but these codes are made up by using the first two letters of someone’s surname and the third letter is the first letter of the name of the person. So my code happens to be FOC, there have been a couple of other strange ones. One was SHT which when she got married became ROT. Perhaps the worst one to date has been CUM and this was the code given to a seventy plus woman. Others have included BIP, BOB and SIS.

That’s great, gabriela. :smiley:

There’s an older electrician at my work referred to as John “Holy Shit” Henler, since those were his first words on seeing the size of some of the equipment he was expected to work on. Poor John, technology done passed him by years ago and we’re all just politely waiting for him to retire, but it’s been nearly thirty years and he’s still referred to that way.

Well, at my parent’s company there’s Pete and the other Pete, although the other Pete got laid off a few months ago. The original Pete sold the company (which bears his name) to my father, who still gets called Pete occasionally 17 years later. The other Pete is one of my father’s friends, who happens to look a lot like him, and who has been mistaken for both his brother and his father (there’s only a 3 year age difference between them, so that says a lot about how old he looks). We also call him the old fart :wink:

I got a guy in our compound who I have never seen sober, my nickname for him (not to his face) is Boozy McDrinkalot.

In one of my previous jobs, the news editor secretly called one of our reporters “the Troll.” I’m not sure if its because she loved to provoke fights in the office or because he believed that she lived under a bridge and ate goats.

I had three nicknames: “Red” (har har, how original), “Miss Kitty” (due to a shirt I used to wear under my workshirt that had a picture of a cat on it and said “Miss Kitty’s Cafe, Open 24 Hours”), and “Boy, I’d sure Like a Coke” (never mind - it developed it’s own surprising rhythm that you wouldn’t think a nickname of that length could achieve: “Hey, there, Boy-I’d-Sure-Like-A-Coke!” me: “Shutup.”)

Then there was Jiggles (aka “Big Bad Booty”), Coots (“Old Coots”), Boots, Nukes (or “Jumps”, “Nitro”, or “Holy Shit You Scared Me Half To Death”), Not So Small, Jabroni, Dondon, Hairy (or “The Hippy”, “Hippy Stalker”), Lookin’ Like He Smells Right Good, They (or “Them”), Tigger (or “Bean”), Icky (or “Stinky”, “Whorebait”, “Ewwww”), Back Off Get Your Own Sandwich, and Here It Comes ( or “Hardship”).

After being stuck in Canada on 9-11 and not able to get home until the next week, some of my co-workers started calling me Osama Bin Rick.
Smart asses. :smiley:

At my hubby’s shop, two young boys (friends) started the same week. They are known as Stringbean and Butterbean (based upon body style). At the same workplace there is the guy well all know and hate, the Mouth of the South.
At my old workplace, some nicks were bestowed there, but others lingered from a past life. One is a guy they call Onion (real name Phillip) which he earned at Mississippi State, but nobody’s telling how he got the moniker. Another was half of the founding pair, they used to call him **The Cool Breeze ** when he played volleyball at Ole Miss. Now we just call him The Breeze.

Another has a first name starting with the letter “C”; his daughter’s name does as well; his wife called them “Big C” and “Little C” so we call him “Big C”.

Someone dug out the yearbooks and found out a coworker was voted “cutest” in high school. Now when I call him, and he picks up the phone I say “How’s it going, Cutest?” Then he says “not bad, **Ditch Witch ** :D” I picked up that name when working for the City, being the engineer in charge of drainage.

The last time I had to work in someone else’s business, I was feeling frisky one morning and called the owner “Boogerhead”.

It’s my understanding that the name has stuck, and he’s still “Boogerhead” to this day.


My co-workers at the museum call me Buffy the Tarnish Slayer, because I’m the Chosen One for doing long artifact cleaning projects-- no one else has enough patience with the tedious work.

I’m the Manager of my insurance agency. Actually I’m the only employee (makes be manager quite easy). Anyhow, the owner of the agency and I refer to ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson. He’s great and we have a lot fun working together.