The name [x] reminds me of...

My very first job was working in a restaurant. One of the waitresses there was named Cookie, a name that usually invokes images of some old bat slinging hash in a greasy truckstop diner along side route 19 in Dustbowl, Arizona. I always wondered why she chose this as a nickname; she was a sweet middle-aged woman who worked her butt off for her customers and always seemed to like her job, but I never got around to asking her.

A few other people I’ve asked also responded to this name-related-stereotype. I guess I’m wondering how common they are, and if there are any other names, nicknames or pet names that seem immortally tied to certain personal or professional stereotypes.

Prime examples: would anybody ever name their son Rover or their daughter Fluffy? Certainly not (I hope), because of what we are all reminded of when we hear those names. Similarly, I can only conclude that a woman would call herself Bubbles or Trixie if they didn’t mind being mistaken in absentia for street walkers.

The name opus always reminded me of a short bald man in a tuxedo :smiley:

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I once had an employee who insisted everyone call him Dutch, which he was. Black and Dutch.

We didn’t think anything of it, but when we’d go to trade shows, everyone who met him had to comment on how anti-stereotypical it was. (The impressive thing was they all used that same word!)

Anyway, he liked the attention, and the chance to explain his history, so the nickname really worked for him.

My ex-sister-in-law was nicknamed Cookie…as I recall by her parents when she was a baby. I always disliked it (a grown woman named Cookie? Ugh) and never used it, only her real name. I never had one that stuck…blondie by a few kids in high school and one boyfriend used a variant of my maiden name that I liked. I always wanted a nickname. Just seemed to somehow make you special – like a term of endearment – but I never gave myself one; wouldn’t be the same.

I only recently found out that Bambi (the fawn in the Disney movie) was male! What kind of mother would name her son “Bambi,” I thought to myself in outrage. :slight_smile: Talk about your porn star/stripper type names…

I knew of a little girl whose real name was Debra, but all called her Fluffy, as her mother dressed her up in ribbons etc.
I knew a guy named Cookie. I once asked him what his real name was; I cannot remember it now, but I do remember thinking, cookie is Definitely an improvement!

My younger brother got stuck with the nickname ‘Rooster’. When he was a baby, my dad and mom went looking for a used car. One of the salemen asked my dad if it was a hen or a rooster. The family still calls him that today.

With a name like Lance Turbo, people are constantly asking me if I’m a porno actor.

And I am!

In my head.

Flo – The ultimate truck stop waitress name.