Stupid/Unusual Nicknames

I have had some bizarre nicknames in the past, which others seem to think are completely from left field. My favorite is “the gay toilet seat”. Et Vous?

(yeah, I realize this thread may have already taken place, but I’m new. Humour me.)

Well, the only really interesting one I have that doesn’t require much explanation is COSTUME WENCH*. People who don’t know I work tech or renfaire have no clue how that one works… Most of the others are just weird bastardizations of my name, which often include a specifically different pronounciation, emotion, and intonation based on how it’s spelled.
[sub]*Note: to be yelled at the top of your lungs in the middle of a theater before a performance or as a greeting in some atmosphere where it’s completely inapropriate to call me that.[/sub]

Check out my sig…and no I’m not explaining the rationale behind it.
Let’s just say it’s a private joke.:slight_smile:

Throbbing Mattress Kitten.

It’s a long story.


I was Rico for a while there mainly because I made the mistake of saying that I was fine with any short form of my name but Rico.

Those that know me only from my school’s renn faire refer to me as the Bishop, or Your Grace. The chief of security at my school saw me at graduation and actually greeted me with, “Its the Bishop isn’t it?” I got weird looks. :slight_smile:

I’m still often called “Jesus” by my friends and family. Heck, sometimes even perfect strangers call me that. Like the stripper at … well, let’s not get into that. :smiley:

I was Gus-Gus for a while. I’m still not sure how that one started. I’m not a round little mouse from a Disney film that wears a red shirt that rolls up in the front.

I’m also known as The Angry Canadian, which is odd, because I’m neither Canadian by birth (only by extraction, which doesn’t count) nor excessively angry on a day-to-day basis. OK, so maybe I am excessively angry, but not all the time.

Most of my nicknames over the years have been based on my ability to retain countless bits of more-or-less useless information. (Did you know that the first performance of Puccini’s “Tosca” was held on January 14, 1900? Hence I’ve been called “Jeopardy Lady,” “Encyclopedia,” that sort of thing.

On my current job, I get called “Grammar Goddess” and “Style Queen” (as in copy editing style, not perfectly accessorized style, more’s the pity).

… but some days I’d almost rather be a Throbbing Mattress Kitten.

Not me, but my best friend in college: we called him Queerbait, because he got propositioned in an airport men’s room. We called him “QB” or “Q” for short. One of my frat brothers was nicknamed “Jizzbag.” That should count for something also.

Throbbing Mattress Kitten certainly has some perks that I can’t imagine would be associated with “Grammer Goddess”…

Eons ago, a coworker had a brainfart and forgot my name, so he called me Fred. For the next 2 years - until I transferred - I was Fred. I even bought myself a mug in Disneyland that says “Fred” - it’s in a kitchen cabinet. No one has called me that since 1976 tho… To this day, I don’t know what he called me that - is Michelle that difficult a name to remember??

oh, and I was Jorge once, but that’s just a rather obvious play off my last name.

I guess being called a “widdle wuv guppy” would count, no?

I’m called Peachy, because i used that word once. Yes, I’m male. No, I’m not gay. Thank you.


I don’t think you want to know.

Stoolman. Yes, it refers to that kind of stool.

It started after a microbiology lab I had where we had to collect and culture our own stool samples. This is the type of thing you shouldn’t share with coworkers, I learned too late.

In the names of “Chesty” Puller, “Bull” Halsey, “Buzz” Aldrin, “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, “Chuck” Yeager, I bring you . . .

“Oswald” Baran.

Yes. It’s true. When I left college and joined active duty, I let my roommates know that I had a few firearms I was bringing with me (better to be polite than be scary). Because of my armament, they have since dubbed me “Oswald” as in ‘Lee Harvey’.

But if you call me “Tripler” on the streets, I’ll look at you funny. Just ask Odieman!


One guy at work… he always calls me Bob. I know he knows my name and I have asked him why but he can’t explain it. So now my nickname is Bob…

Had a friend we used to call “D.A”, it was short for “dumbass” but he didn’t know it.

One day he says, “Why are you always calling me District Attorney?”


Female friend who couldn’t pronounce my last name mispronounced it that way, and it stuck.
Similar story, with another female friend but my middle name.
The first woman was Jugoslavian, the second was German. I am an American, but I have these two unusual names that most Americans pronounce and spell wrong.