Nifong apologizes. In other news, barn door shut after horse escapes


I’m not sure how I feel about his apology. He still seems like he’s trying to weasel out of it, and wishes it would all go away and he could get his life back.

I don’t know if this will help in the civil suit. Has one been filed yet?

Ah, nothing like forced attrition…

You know, sometimes a misspelling produces a sentence more wise and compelling than it would have otherwise been. This is one of those times.

Your first name isn’t Yogi, is it?

Which word is misspelled?

I believe you meant contrition.

What can the accused learn from these “mistakes” apart from “Without the ability to fund a defense you are at the mercy of rabid attorneys general.”

What a fuckin’ rascal! HE’s the one who made the “mistakes.” I love how he’s spreading the responsibility around to include the defense.

Nothing is misspelt. My guess is **Mr. Moto ** thinks you used the word attrition when you probably meant to use the word contrition. Attrition, in addition to meaning wearing down by force, also means an imperfect contrition motivated by fear of punishment, so calling it forced is kind of redundant. I still can’t figure out how “forced attrition” is “more wise,” but I can be obtuse.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, Weaseling is what separates us from the animals (except the weasel).

That’s the part that gets me…“I didn’t have all the facts! Therefore…and hereto…and…um…can I still talk in legalese even though I resigned?”

I like that he’s now become a verb…talk about posterity!

what’s this “we” and “us” shit? he gotta mouse in his pocket?

Dontcha love the fact that this past 16 months have been a difficult journey for him and his family, and oh yeah, for those Duke guys, too?

Mealy-mouthed weasel, only that’s making weasels look bad.

Can we not get one honest sincere apology out of someone for once? It would have gone a long way if he’d stood up and said, “Yeah, I screwed up. My zeal for public office was stronger than my zeal for the truth. I put the Duke lacrosse players through hell for over a year. I ignored evidence. I refused to meet with the defendant’s attorney when they had a solid alibi to present. I brought shame and disgrace onto the office of DA and the profession of attorney. I can only say thank heavens cooler heads prevailed and innocent boys were saved jailtime.”

As a result of the apology, the defense attorneys have withdrawn their motion for criminal sanctions. Link.
Sounds to me like some kind of arrangement was made. At the very least, my guess is that his attorneys told him that he needed to grovel as much as possible, especially given his previous non-apology apology, and his continued insistence that “something happened.”

No mice, but a group of 88 faculty members.

According to Webster’s New Collegiate dictionary:

Attrition: 1 Sorrow for one’s sins that arises from a motive other than that of the love of god. 2 the act of rubbing together,…*also * the act of wearing or grinding down by friction.

How was my comment wrong then?

And I agree with Ivylass. There’s more to be gained by stepping up and taking the blame soon instead of slowly strangling one’s career.

It also very commonly means: “a gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced.”

Which is exactly what happened.

Your comment isn’t wrong, but I would think of all the latter definitions well before yours.

I have some problems with this:

He’s saying, in effect, “If I had known what the AG was able to determine, I would not have gone forward with this case.” There are at least two problems with this:

  1. It was Nifong’s job to discover the things that the AG discovered. Through some combination of incompetence and perfidy (with current evidence increasingly favoring the latter) he failed in this job.

  2. When a presumption of innocence is supposed to be the guiding rule for prosecution, having less complete evidence should lead to a lower, not a higher, tendency to indict and prosecute. The AG concluded there was absolutely no valid basis for an indictment. Since Nifong admits he knew less, on what legitimate basis did he indict?

He was up for election.

A better answer is that he indicted for no legitimate reason at all. The Attorney General of NC has labeled him a “rogue prosecutor” based on his behavior in this case.

If a rapist apologized to his victim and began the apology with “We all need to heal,” I think it would be rightly considered evidence that the rapist did not really understand why he was apologizing.