Nigerian irony

This post is not funny. The two incidents described here are very tragic for the people involved, and that is what makes me post here.

The phrase “too soon” is ment in several different ways when used in comedy. When at it’s most serious, not used sarcastically or ironic, it means that someone was insensetive to someone elses hurt, that the remark hurt someones feelings who have not yet had time to heal from whatever was part of the joke. But at the same time it also implies that the thing was funny, just insensitive at this time. So it’s still funny/interesting/amusing.

Here’s the incidents that I was talking about in the opening statement.

  1. On top of all the other problems in Nigeria, yesterday there was a blood bath in the city of Jos. Hundreds of people, many women and children, were brutally murdered by mobs over religious disputes. The president suffered from braindamage a couple of weeks ago. A governor is called up to take his place as acting President. His name is Goodluck.

  2. In the middle of a soccer game today a Nigerian soccer star drops dead, from heart failure. His name, Endurance.

I guess this is a case, and I am being very serious, of an event fulfilling the definition of several meanings of ironic, having both the sadness of classical irony and the properties of comedic irony.

Dear Sir and/or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of an interested speculator who wishes to know whether the old President had upon his possession and bank vault or treasury certificates. If this would appear to be the case, my financier would be greatly interested in helping you to liberate it from the newly minted Nigerian government before Mr. Goodluck can obtain power and control over it. I will need your assistance in this matter and you will be compensated heartily for your efforts here today.

please write me back, posthaste.


EnderW24, esquire

Too soon.

This thread is already perfect, and any further posts (including this one) can only make it worse. I nominate it be closed.

Too soon.