Real Life Definition of Irony

Idiot kid scales not one, but TWO six foot fences into a restricted area at 6 Flags over Georgia to get a hat he lost on a Batman roller coaster.

He ended up getting decapitated by the same roller coaster.

If getting decapitated because you were looking for a hat isn’t irony, I don’t know what is.

What I find sad about this, is that 6 flags will probably get sued.

I nominate this for the Darwin award of the year.

My hat’s off to him.

Heads up!

Next time use your head,

Oh, wait…

No fair! He got a head start!

He’ll head the list :stuck_out_tongue:

I was sad I had no hat until I met a man who had no head.

Before I get yelled at. It is indeed a terrible thing to have happened, I feel sorry for his family. His parents were there, I hope they didn’t have to witness it.

Reminds me of the incident in Catch-22 where one pilot buzzes the beach and someone on the beach decides to jump to touch the plane.

He got a propeller, instead.

ahem… head 'em off at the pass!

“Police have declined to release the teenager’s name until an autopsy is completed.”

Hell, I’m half the world away, and I think I could determine the cause of death from here. Why would they conduct an autopsy, to check whether his behavior was drug- or alcohol- related?

Not a good time to lose one’s head.

That’s not the way to get ahead in life.

It’s a shame he wasn’t more headstrong.

He’ll never be the head of a major corporation.

Okay, that’ll do.

If he’d been riding the coasters all day and screaming as so many do…

there is a fair chance he may be the headless hoarse-man.

He lost his hat…

So he was decapitated after being de-cap-itated. Twice in one day has to be some kind of record.

Ah, those days of heady youth…

I wonder if the coaster has working headlights?

I think I see where this thread is heading.

Headlong into oblivion?

He can buy a new one at a head shop.

He should have called tails.

One of the news stories reported that they could not say whether or not he expired immediately or at the hospital. :eek:

Maybe he was making eye contact.