Night Driving Glasses, safe or stupid?

Are there any dopers out there who wear nighttime driving glasses?

If so, can you help answer these questions
Do they really help limit the glare?
Do they really make you see more clearly?
Do you ever feel that wearing them is MORE dangerous than not wearing them (at night)?
Background for others:
Night Driving Glasses are specially designed shaded glasses which are intended for use at night to improve visibility.
An example can be seen here

I drive a pickup truck with large side view mirrors and am often annoyed at how much light shines in my eyes when someone is coming up on my left. And since they don’t make dimmer switches for side mirrors like they do for the rear-view mirror, I would like a solution.

The glasses would be a good solution, as long as they don’t hinder my overall night vision and make me more likely to hit a pedestrian on a dimly lit street or other catastrophe.

I haven’t tried them, but I’m thinking about it. I’m bothered by the glare of oncoming headlights.

I just read a post yesterday at CBS Healthwatch suggesting that they might be worthwhile. (They referred to them as "sharpshooter glasses.)


This is a bit off topic, but it is now possible to have side mirrors that dim. Mrs. nrd’s '01 Chevy Blazer has photochromatic (I belive that is the term Chevy uses) rear view and driver’s side mirrors. Basicly, when you have them on, they automatically dim when it’s 1) dark out and 2) there are headlights coming up behind you. It’s really pretty cool.

keeper0 you say that you drive a pickup. I know that this feature is available on Chevy’s Silverado as well (no, I am not a Chevy salesman) although mine doesn’t have it.

This feature can be disabled, but the switch on the rearview that normally dims the mirror is not there so you can’t reduce the glare that way.

actually, any good yellow lens does the job just fine- cuts down on glare. Used for shooting, sking, etc. I like to use mine in fog & stuff- works great.

I had something similar to this about 5 years ago, except in my case it was a coating of some anti-glare material on my prescription lenses. The only noticeable difference in the coloring of the lens was a slight purple cast when viewed at an angle.

They worked well, but not for very long. Most of the coating had worn off after a few months. At that point, I didn’t need them any more (I had been working for the summer as a night taxi driver), so I had them replaced with plain lenses. You might want to ask your eye doctor about this, as the coating techniques may well have improved in the last 5 years.


Google. “night glasses legal”

DDG, I had to dig a bit, but I think that This Manufacturer of High End Optics and EyeWear will show that some eye wear can indeed solve this problem.
Linear polarization glass will allow you to approach a headlight, and as it moves from dead center of your vision, the glare will be reduced as it moves to the edge of your field of vision. At least, that’s the theory.

My wife just has Lasix surgery re-done on both eyes. She is still having some nighttime “Hazing”. I am going to purchase these glasses for her to try at night. The trick is this- can I find them, either from these guys or someone else, with 100% transmission? Losing overall light input at night is just bad science. Linear polarization is nice science, it just has to NOT be a dark set of shades. :cool:


Thank you all for the information.

From rpinrd:

Great. I have always wondered why a dimmer switch on the side view mirrors was not standard equipment.
I doubt that I can get my '95 S-10 retrofitted, but it will be a definite feature on my next truck.

From Duck Duck Goose:

Yup, well that is what scared me. Which is why I wanted some testimonials from dopers if they had experience.

Off to the optometrist I go, then.

where i live (Australia) they have built these new tunnles on a motorway (M2) and they are really long and big & inside the lights are all orange, it helps with the light

hey, why’d your wife need to have her lasik redone? I need to know because I’m planning on having it done, for the first time, in a few weeks!

To avoid a total Hijack here, I’m glad to offer This Laser Vision Thread. It’s fairly recent, and has a lot of excellent information. I also did a pretty thorough description of the proceedures.( Dunno if my posting was excellently informed, but it’s what I heard and saw…).

End of Hijack, we now return you to your original thread, already in progress. :smiley: