Recommend Some Good Night Driving Glasses

I need to either have them in my hand, or on order, by tomorrow night, because if I don’t, I’m going to end up accidentally killing someone.

Driving on the road at night is a nightmare. I have no depth perception and I usually end up with a headache from all the bright lights. I have the World’s Largest Pupils which means my eyes are super sensitive to light. I’m really starting to question my ability to drive safely at night. I have a responsibility to take care of this ASAP. I raided my local superstore today (Meijer) where my Mom swears they have some, but nobody seemed to have any.

So seriously, where can I get some? Inquiring eyeballs want to know.



Your stated problems:
No depth perception.
Headache from bright lights.
Supersensitive to light.

Problems associated with using Night Vision:
No depth perception.
Headache from prolonged use.
Halos and washout due to supersensitivity to lights.

Not exactly a solution to your problem.

I’m not sure that’s true Bear. The glasses I wear have some sort of coating on them that’s supposed to reduce the glare from headlights. I know that even after driving for four or five hours with my glasses on, I don’t get even a twinkling of a headache.

I’m not sure, however, if depth perception can be dealt with.

Christy, you might want to go to your local Lens Crafters (or whatever) and ask about anti-glare lens coating. I wish I knew the brand name, but I don’t.

I’ve found that the best good-night vision glasses are a few empty shots…

Night vision goggles block peripheral vision, a very bad idea when driving. For that reason alone, I suspect the police would take exception to a driver wearing them. (Yes, I know helicopter pilots fly wearing them, but they also have so many instruments to tell them where they are, what other traffic is around, etc. that they hardly need to use their eyes.)

I’ve never used the light-intensifying goggles, but I used to use infrared viewers extensively at work (visual pigment research). The view is no wider than you get through binoculars (or a spotting scope, if a monocular viewer is used). I can’t imagine walking on the street with such a restricted view, much less driving.

I assume you’ve seen an ophthalmologist about your problem? If not, then see one ASAP. He or she may have some advice, or even treatment. As FinnAgain mentions, special glasses may help.

Or, if it’s really definitely unsafe for you to drive at night, the doctor may inform the state of that fact and get your license restricted so you can only drive in the daytime. This was done to my grandmother years ago, so I know it’s possible. It would be sad if that happened, but it would be better than killing someone.

Ok, obviously I was talking about night driving glasses, the yellow tinty sort.

Except further investigation into this matter reveals that 99% of the scientific consensus appears to be that the yellow tinted glasses make vision worse, and the fact that they are marketed this way is an evil, treacherous lie.

So I guess I have to look into clear lenses with AR coating. I also read that with the light/halo thing, there could be an eye lesion or something correctable by surgery. So I have an appointment January 17th with an ophthalmologist to get everything checked out but what in HELL am I supposed to do in the meantime? I drive home from work in the dark every single night, and it’s a real nightmare.

Agreed. Guess this is definitely a doctor thing.

Definitely try anti-reflective coating on your glasses. I thought night driving was difficult, but then I got a new pair of glasses and it was incredible how clear it was, like a video game or something. There were no halos or anything. Then I got another pair with it, and it’s bad again. They redid the lenses and it was still bad. So, make sure you get it done right.

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Part of my issue, I think, was a terminally dirty windshield (my wiper fluid was frozen.) I added some junk onto the windshield that’s supposed to repel dirt, water and snow so hopefully just having it good and clean will reduce the glare, 'least til I get some good glasses.

My mother and I both have the same problem. We were just talking about it last week(as some headlights shined straight into our eyes). She said that she used the anti-reflective coating on her glasses, and it did seem to help. I’ve had my glasses so long I can’t remember if they have the coating or not.