Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV

I don’t know if anyone else has heard about this yet, but I was just informed earlier tonight. Nine Inch Nails has a new album out, kinda! You can read about it at the Official Page.

Basically, it’s a four volume, 36 track instrumental album that Trent is releasing on his own (since he recently split from Interscope Records). You can download the first of the four volumes for free (this is officially sanctioned by the band) through various Bittorrent sites. If you like that, head over to the Page and purchase DRM free downloads of all four volumes for a whopping $5 (that’s total, not per volume). For collectors, he’s apparently also releasing other versions of it including a regular CD version, a Blu-Ray version, and some others.

I’m only a couple of tracks in and it’s pretty cool. Very atmospheric.

Extremely excellent news.

I admit I’m a little afraid to listen now, but, sweet!

Nine Inch Nails becomes the first major band to release an album under the Creative Commons standard.

By all accounts, it’s a success!