Nine Times The Color Red

If anyone here has the CD called The Antidote by The Wiseguys, go to track 10 (Face The Flames), and about 04:20 into the song you hear someone say “Nine Times The Color Red Explodes Like Heated Blood.” Do you have any idea what that could possibly mean?! Is it just random words, or is there some deep, underlying meaning?

One thing I forgot to say is that if you don’t have the CD, I can send you a .wav file of that part of the song.

That, sir, is probably a sample from a record titled Zodiac Cosmic Sounds released by Electra in the late sixties. It’s mostly trippy analog synth (Moog) stuff.

It is from the first cut on the record, and the full text is:

(I should say that I haven’t heard the CD you are talking about, so I don’t know for sure if it’s an actual sample or simply a quote… I imagine that it’s probably a sample, though…)
If, for some obscure reason you have the burning desire to know more about Zodiac Cosmic Sounds I found a page that has a nice scan of the album cover.

A quick look on the net also turned up the catalogue number, should you become obsessive and feel the need to track down a copy of your very own. It is EKS-74009. The precise year is (of course,) 1967. I also note that I mispelled Elektra in my first post.

Gotta go now, the incense is burning my eyes.

Thanx for the info. The phrase “The battle is on.” is also heard multiple times in The Wiseguys song, but none of the other stuff you said is there. That still doesn’t tell me if the phrase actually means something, but I doubt that it does.

It’s really kind of subjective. If you think astrology “means” something, then the phrase does. It’s basically bad poetry using astrological and alchemical correspondances. It’s interpretation is largely intuitive, and you can’t really say “This means this.”

The whole record describes (one person’s) interpretation of the alchemical process, by which folks are raised to higher consciousness.
To hermeticists, “sulphur” has different connotations than it does to chemists, having to do with a mystical concept commonly called the “Alchemical Marriage” or “Chemical Wedding.” It represents a sort of unity of opposites.
The “Nine times” is typical to alchemical processes.

To offer an “interpretation” of the quote would be pretty useless, for a few reasons. Mainly, any value in mystical stuff like that comes from thinking about what it means to you, and (even more importantly) Zodiac Cosmic Sounds represents the worst sort of this stuff-- Whatever meaning that is there is heavily filtered through some cheesy hippy’s hazy interpretation.

Oh hell-- I’ll just give ya the easy answer. Doesn’t mean a damn thing, guy… Don’t worry 'bout it.

I was curious, so I hunted down the track on a napster-like affair. Sweeet…

Yes, it is definitely a sample from ZCS-- (Also, the piano sample is from Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C Minor…)

I have to have the CD.