ninja assassin

Have you seen the movie ninja assassin? What can you say about it?

I really liked it. Sure it was dumb as hell, but the fight scenes were done with style. It was everything I expected in a movie called Ninja Assassin.

I loved it, and as usual, everyone I know had to tell me how bad it was. I almost had no clue it was bad, though I had an inkling. But yeah, I loved it.

I’m with you and the other poster. Loved it. Stupid, goofy, fun. And really good blood. Sometimes it look like the prop guy is just mixing red dye and water but not this movie, prop guy knew what he was doing.

Yeah, but see, my secret shame is that I never know when a movie is goofy and stupid. I mean, I get the idea that it isn’t high art, but I actually like it for real…not ironically.

For instance, I thought the female lead was a really good actress. She seemed natural to me. But, of course my husband made fun of me for even suggesting that I took anything at all about the movie seriously. He said, “Yeah, I’m sure she will take the Oscar right out of Merryl Streep’s hand this year”

I seem to have missed it, but I’ll probably get it on Netflix.

BTW, Hi josephine! Long time lurker first time poster, huh? Aren’t you guys supposed to do this before the movie is released?

Dammit! I’m a patsy. I thought I actually had found someone who liked that movie enough to start a thread.

Why not? I wasn’t a fan of her acting, but overall the movie was self-consistent, well-acted, and enjoyable without being pretentious. It had a simple yet effective story and told it without a whole lot of embellishment. Except for the incredibly good choreography and Rain’s rockin’ bod. I’m not gay… but for him I’d reconsider.

I dunno, I just want to see it 'cause I like ninja-related entertainment. Also, Rain is hot. Other than that, I’m not expecting much.