Ninja cavemen vs. pirate astronauts

Who’d win?


According to “Objects in Space,” the pirate astronauts.


[sub]okay, so he’s not a caveman, but he does like to think of himself as a lion–that’s gotta count for something.[/sub]

I’m going to give the nod to those with the best technology, and I am afraid that means the pirate astronauts win.

But thinking about the combinations made me think of NINJA ASTRONAUTS and the very idea chilled me to the core. The entire Universe would be at their mercy!

Are we talking Shinobi Heart Under Blade-style “we live secretly in caves to be close to nature” cavemen, or Quest For Fire-style “me smart, me make mammoth bone shuriken” cavemen?

'cause either way, the ninja win :smiley:

Pirate astronauts would only win if they had Uzi’s (cite)
But I’m afraid even an uzi would be no match for NINJA ASTRONAUTS.

The pirate astronauts would “win”, assuming “winning” to be “anything short of total annihilation at the hands of the Ninja Cavemen.”

Won’t the outcome depend entirely on whether or not the fight is in space? 'Cause if it is, then pirate astronauts.

Are the pirate astronauts riding burning flying sharks and firing angry bears that are on fire?
Do the ninja cavemen turn into dinosaurs, fireballs, and [del]presidents[/del] volcanos?
I think it would be a draw.

And are they on cold fire?

That is enough talk about Ninja Astronauts.

they might hear us…and then we’re all dead!

Hmm, ninjas are superior to pirates and astronauts are superior to cavemen so I am going to say that this will be a draw. And by draw I mean it will destroy the universe.

“Ninja cavemen” – if this is a crack about Chuck Norris and his beard, he is not amused.

The pirate astronauts will take off and nuke the ninja cavemen from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Pirates, obviously. Why is this even in question?

Unsophisticated ninjas do not exist. Almost by definition, a ninja has trained brutally for years and honed his skill so as to be undetectable and lethal. So the ninja cavemen would have to live in caves voluntarily, in which case they’d win because they’re freakin’ ninjas. A primitive society which knows nothing more than picking berries and spearing rabbits cannot make ninjas.