Some people think Ninjas are so cool, but...

every movie and music video I have seen them in, they totally get their asses kicked by the heroes. They appear, start swinging swords, climbing walls, do jumping backflips, landing on tree branches. They put on a show, act like they are hot shit, then one by one get whooped by two or three guys (or even girls). Sometimes, when a ninja knows its beat, the mask will come off to reveal a hot female, who then gets porked by one of the heroes.

They should use their strength in numbers to dogpile on the heroes instead of wasting energy flipping around!

You know who are cooler? 1920’s gangsters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Those who doubt the coolosity of ninjas have never met

White Ninja!

Pirates are so much cooler. Or pirate-bots.

I think you mean ninja pirate-bot gangster cowboys from outer space.

They may look cute the way they climb around everywhere with those little masks, but it’s a real pain in the ass when they get into the garbage cans and spread trash all over the street.

Oh, wait. Those are raccoons.

They said the same thing about samurai too, but Woeg and Maeglin laid the smack-down on their ignorance, channeling Cecil and thinking to themselves, “Stupidity, I smack thy face.

BAH!!! A single Ninja could flip out and kill a dozen Pirate-Bots without breaking a sweat. Unless the pirate was Captain Jack Sparrow. That would be an even fight.

I always liked the detective garb better. When I get me some cash I’m going to buy myself a nice fedora and long coat. Maybe a tommy-gun, to take down the hordes of ninjas that attack me daily.

The ninja fast food industry is good, though.

(refrains from commenting on what type of weapon the more high-tech 1920’s gangster might use)

I like Vikings the best.

I love it! Check this:

Love it!

I think you mean, ninja pirate cyborg gangster cowboy elven rockstar secret-agent teenage bio-enhanced alien superhero fighter-pilot renegade CEO time-travelling chessmaster iconoclast astronaut supermodel sharpshooter athlete mutant detective vampire hacker bon vivant inventor outlaw wizard. From outer space.

Holy Crap!!! That is one ninja flipping out HARD!!!

Achernar, that could only be cooler if he was riding a dinosaur. And eating a pizza.

Stoppit stoppit. That hurts.

The poise. The elegance. The footwork. The speed. The sheer deadliness of it all.
I can’t take it any more.

Fear his ASS OF POWER!

didnt that feature in an episode of 60 minutes?

Nope. I think that was the* “one ninja flipping out hard” *guy.