Nintendo64 v. Sony Play Station

I’m thinking of buying my 7 1/2 year old and 5 year old daughters one of the above. Anyone know the difference between them? Price of cartridges? Any games you can recommend for their age group and for us? I also saw the newest Sega media station (DreamScape??), but it was $100 more than the above.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I prefer PlayStation, but it’s definitely for grownups. If you wouldn’t trust your kids to keep your CD collection from getting all scratched up, then they’ll probably end up destroying the games. You have to be really careful with them, though, because one scratch and it renders the game unplayable.

So for older kids I recommend PlayStation, and for younger I recommend N64.

Shouldn’t this be in Great Debates?

Having owned both (Side note- I now own a Dreamcast- if you’re considering getting one, Caveat Emptor. Sega has horrid customer service even though the DC is leaps and bounds beyond the other two), I would definitely recommend the N64 for children in that age group. The Sony can have the CDs easily scratched, the CD lens can become easily damaged, and memory cards can be easily lost. The N64 has fewer games but many of them are appropriate for the younger set.

For the N64 for kids I’d recommend: Beetle Adventure Racing, any of the Mario games (Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf, etc… Even Super Smash Bros., a fighting game, is very nonviolent. You win by knocking the other person off the platform), Diddy Kong Racing, Int’l Superstar Soccer, Zelda (an excellent game), 1080 Snowboarding, Banjo Kazooie, F-Zero, FIFA 99, San Fran Rush and the sequel, Space Station Sillicon Valley (which may be a bit too cerebral for the younger set- its puzzle oriented), Wave Race, and Wipeout 64. There are other good games that are not appropriate for young kids (Goldeneye, Turok, etc…)

As I said, I wouldn’t recommend the PSX for young kids but if you get one anyway and want a list of kid-friendly games, please e-mail me.

I would suppose the N64 is more geared for the younger kids, but at this stage buying a PS or N64 might be buying too late, as you know Sega has come out with their updated console, and I believe Nintendo is coming out with a CD based console called the dolphin, I am not sure I do not keep up on Nintendo stuff. I do know that Sony will release the PS2 in about one year, making it the best console ever in terms of power and speed. In comparison to PCs, it will take the average home PC about 2 years to catch up. The PS2 will be able to play all the first generation PS games (a first for consoles) and play DVD movies. While buying one of those other systems now will be less expensive, many companies will focus on developing for the newer systems and your future game library will be cut short, maybe consider one of the hand-held game systems like Game Boy or Game Gear.

I’ve used both and while I prefer(and own) the N64 for general gaming, the game selection is more limited than SPS. Plus, I just love using cartridges, reminds me of playing Atari! :wink:

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THe Dreamcast also uses cdroms.

The N64 & the Playstation both cost $200 when they came out. They are half that. If you want you can buy both.

But for the kids, just get a N64 with 2 controllers [make sure you get two, some boxes only come with one] & Mario64. That is a cute easy kid friendly game. Should set you back about $150.00

I am a big fan of the N64 game Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer so I am biased. That particular package (console + controllers + game) has sold for about $120.
I have found the controller of the N64 slightly more ergonomic and easy to accustom one’s self to; it is less clunky than the cramped Sony controller IMHO.
Another thing about many Sony games I dislike is the propensity for the game to halt the action so the program can trot out some mini-movie which “forwards the narrative of the game”. Nice graphics, but can’t not be reminded that you’re not playing, just watching.

Addendum: I’ve found that more parents tend to buy their kids N64s, probably for the reasons I stated above. This means that most of your kids friends will probably have N64s. N64 also has several games (Mario Party, Beetle Adventure Racing, Diddy Kong Racing) that support 4 players simultaneous. Very few Playstation games support 3-4 players and those that do require a “multi-tap” (a $30+ peripheral) that the Nintendo64 does not.

I found Pod Racer to get kinda old quickly. Its not a bad game but I preferred Wipeout64 and Beetle Adventure Racing (BAR is probably the most fun yet unrealistic racing game I’ve played in a while).

If you buy an N64, one thing you’ll quickly notice is that N64 games tend to be more expensive than PlayStation games. The newest and highest priced games will be comparable, but you’ll see older PS games for $9.95 while for the N64 games you can pretty much expect to pay $20 minimum regardless of how old it is. It costs more to make a cartridge than a CD, so reissuing last year’s hits and selling them cheaply makes more sense for CDs than for cartridges.

My son wants a PlayStation, but he’s considerably older than your kids. I may get him Bleem!, which is a program that enables a PC to emulate a PlayStation (it costs around $30)… but I want to download the demo version and try it first to be sure my computer is fast enough.

It really doesn’t matter much, they’re both fun little timewasters. However, there is one major problem with the N64, they are planning to cease production on N64 games as early as two months after the Dolphin’s debut. Which is a real problem seeing as how the Dolphin is scheduled to premier in december. I say get a Super Nintendo. It sets you back about thirty bucks, and used games cost about six. Good Luck!

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The Nintendo Dolphin is NOT coming out in December. As they do not have a prototype yet, I would be surprised if it comes out before June of 2000.

If you’re interested in Bleem!, be careful- there are known compatibility issues with certain games (I don’t know which ones). If you go to Bleem!'s website, they’ve got a message board (eerily similar to the SDMB) with known problems.

I’m sure that whatever system I buy, it’ll be obsolete before long. That’s the way the ball bounces in the technology industry. For instance, I paid over $3500 for my first p.c. (33 megaherz - which was CRANKING at the time) that’s sitting in my basement collecting dust. I’ve turned into my mother. I can’t throw the thing away even though it’s junk now.

For 4 people to play on N64, do I need to buy another set of controllers? I’ll look for ones that have 2 controllers, but can one controller support 2 people? BTW, can I stop the game and save it or do I need a special memory card?

Thanks for the advice on good games. I plan on buying them each one game for Christmas, and the relatives will take over the rest… :slight_smile:

My friend’s 6 year old niece regularly borrows my N64 - while she likes the games one complaint is that the control is too large/awkward for her to use comfortably.

Maybe you should rent one for a couple of days and see how your kids fare?.

For the games that are 3-4 player simultaneous you will need a third and fourth controller. games where you can switch off (like Mario Golf) only require 1-2. If your kids have friends with a N64, they can always lug their controllers over. Several new N64 packages come with two controllers (as opposed to the standard one) so shop around.

Some N64 games (Zelda, Goldeneye) have a built in battery for game saves. Others (Beetle Adventure Racing) require a separate memory card ($15-$20) to save data. It will say on the back of the box if the game needs a memory card or not. All playstation games require a memory card to save.

Sony Playstation

Final Fantasy

'nuff said.

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tanstaafl, did you check the age of the kids?

From the OP:

I assumed from the above they were interested in games for themselves as well.

Hmmm Video Game System recomendations for kids, lesse… I have every system made during the last 15 years, so in what I would consider my expert opinion, I would say you if you are picking between the two (PSX Vs. N64) I would have to get the N64. The PSX has more and better games, but most of them are aimed at adults. The N64 has a couple of advantages for your use though.
First, it’s a lot more durable. I got mine second hand from a neighbor; who took at best indifferent care of it. I would have to work at it to destroy a cartridge; but it would be childs play (pun?) to break a cd.
(On a side note, it takes a lot less of an investment to copy PSX games… :wink: )

As far as other systems, I love my Dreamcast, I even had to get an import one; just so I could be the first one on my block to have one, but i would not recommend it for a child. The games are CD based, and therfore fragile. And there is only one kiddie game. Well maybe two, Puyo Puyo 4 is really tame. But at any rate the Graphics are really good, good enough to make Schedule I influenced gaming “Scary.”

But honestly, I couldn’t recommend any of those systems for a child. I would actually get them a Super Nintendo, or a Sega Genesis. The still look great, have a ton of good CHEAP games (with a triple crapload of Kiddie games), and best of all retail for substantially cheaper than the current offerings (Super Nintendo $50, Sega Genesis $19.99) I would say either system would me much better suited, especially based on the great pricepoint, and they sport incredible durability. Besides, the money you save can go towards buying more games. Because remember, regardless of how much it cost, your kids going to get bored of any particular game in about a week!

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Oops! Sorry! I made a mistake, that was however when Gamepro said it would debut. Thanks for the update though. Also, N64 sucks for role-playing games. It only has two that I know of, althought Legend of Zelda HAS to be one of the best games ever made. Still, even if the Dolphin doesn’t come out till late 2000 the N64 still won’t have a very impressive library unless they crank up production. Good luck, again!

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I don’t think so, actually, the clock speed of the PS2 processor is only 300 MHZ and the RAM is either 16 or 32 MB. Most home computers sold today have at least a 300 MHZ processor and more than 32 MB of RAM. The Nintendo Dolphin, OTOH will have a 450 MHZ with 32MB or more of RAM. That doesn’t mean it won’t suck, because it probabaly will. If they can be trusted with CDs, get them the Playstation.

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