Nip/Tuck 10/10 (spoilers)

Major Nelson is gonna show up again.

Well, that sure as hell was a hot dream :smiley: ! How far will this Christian plot-line go?

Sad to say, I’m fading. I think it was the ol’ “Stand-in-the-street-and-a-vehicle-runs-you-over-at-full-speed” gimmick. Give me a fucking break. How often can a person stand in the street using the stationary “you’re getting run over” camera angle and expect the audience to be surprised? And how realistic is that? We’re talking ten seconds of standing in the street, and every time the vehicle doesn’t even hit the breaks before the victim is hit full-speed. And then they defy stopping distance by a large margin so that the driver can run back 30 feet or so to see what happened, and proclaim “I never saw her!”

At the risk of repeating myself, give me a fucking break.

And then the “seeing ghosts” schtick from Rescue Me? Arrrggghh.