Nipple rocks

When I was going through puberty I got what some people call nipple rocks. Small, hard masses behind my nipples that were mildly painful. Does anyone know what those things are exactly and why they occur?

I found the answer. It’s called Pubertal Gynecomastia in case anyone cares.

I’ll be darned- I used to get those things too and have since forgotten about them. Good thing they’re evidently harmless.

And regular gynecomastia, if I remember correctly, is fancy talk for “man boobs.”

I remember those little suckers…and they were mad painful…

Mine haven’t completely gone away. I’ll admit I’m a little on the flatter chested side (not flat…but think navel oranges?). There the regular feel of boob, but then, it’s almost like a sort of thick suction cupped shapped mass, concave sid towards my ribcage, centered just behind the nipples. Different texture and it’s what is left of the original “rocks.” It’s still tender if you get a little crazy, or if you get whacked in it.

I’m 25 and haven’t had a gynecologist mention any concern…or mention them at all.

I think they’re the actual mammary ducts and whatnot.

I read this thread’s title first as “Nipples Rock” and the back of my brain said, “Yes. Yes they do.”

I thought it was going to be about some kind of hardened encrusted secretion - kidney stones, nipple rocks.

Coming from a guy named Mangetout, I did *not *need to hear that.

Does this happen in boys, girls, or both? :confused:

The music genre Nipple Rock was founded in 1977 when Shane MacGowan formed his first band The Nipple Erectors.

I hope this helps.

Well, I’m male and it happened to me. We need at least one other data point.

Both. Hormone fluctuations in puberty do odd things to your body. Even if you’re a boy the milk ducts get partially activated during some stages of development. You grow out of it pretty shortly. Girls have a similar early change, but it continues into adult breast development rather than subsiding the way it does with boys.

To me too and I appear to be male. I must have been about 14 and the lumps went within a year or so.


We have it. Shark B8 mentioned seeing a gynecologist, so I’m assuming she’s a woman.

I first noticed them around age 12. As luck (or a macbre twist of fate) would have it, it was the day after my first pot smoking experience. Needless to say I was TOTALLY freaked out. Someone earlier had told me (no doubt, spurred on by post “Reefer Madness”- era disinformation) that doing so could cause men to grow breasts.

I suffered in silent fear for a few days until one moment (in the middle of the night) I could no longer take it and woke my parents up and made my mom feel them. She seemed mildly concerned and said that we would see the doctor in the morning. The nurse reassured us that this was a totally normal part of puberty.

In retrospect, seeing as how I am the sixth of seven children, my folks should have already known about the subject!

PS: I understand the ads for breast-related products at the end of the thread but why is there an ad for Pipe Fittings and Tools!