Nipples Sensitivity Question (possible TMI)

My girlfriend has wonderful breasts… they are round, and firmish, and soft… oh yeah. I love them, they are one of the best looking parts of her body from the neck down, IMO.

However, her nipples are almost completely non-reactive. To have them played with does no good whatsoever. Nothing I do feels any different than having the tip of her finger or nose played with.

Is there a way to fix this? I’ve heard that nipple piercings can change this, but I don’t know.

Any particular tool? Magic creme?

Thanks for the help, folks!

I’ve never seen this - except when Mrs. H was nursing. I think a cold chisel & hammer would have gotten her attention, but short of that… They can becom desensitized via overstimulation.

You might just have a girl who doesn’t like that. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Maybe one of our medical types (**Quadgop **, you out there?) has an actual answer for you. Good luck.

Piercings can increase sensitivity, as can a technique I’ve heard called “Echoes”. Basically you play with her nipples and clit in a rythmic method, and the sensation “echoes” between the two points. I don’t know if this can lead to long term sensitivity increase, or is strictly short term.
Oh, a caveat on the piercings, if placed wrong, they can completely deaden the nipples. Get a well-established pro to pierce you. And the sensitivity increase may be minimal, my left is pierced, but not my right. I can tell a difference, but it isn’t huge.

Gotta agree with NotBob13.
Simultaneous stimulation seems to awaken the sensation.

I think it also generally varies from person to person. I had a (male) friend who after moderate amounts of phyiscal activity, his nipples could get so sensitive he couldn’t even stand having a shirt pressing against them. I suppose this is attributed to increased blood flow.

Definitely one of those things that varies from person to person. NotBob13 has an excellent suggestion.

As a thought, some people respond better to indirect nipple stimulation. You might try the sides or undersides of the breasts.

Lots of suction will increase sensitivity. I’m talking a lot, to the point that jaw cramps become an issue. Snake bite kits are remarkably useful.

Has she had any operations on her breasts? (I believe reductions and things like that can affect nipple sensitivity)

Nope, no operations… none needed, at least at this point.

I’ll work the “echos” into a conversation, and see what she has to say.

I’ve worked the whole breast… top, bottom, sides, etc. While it feels good in a “Mmmmm good touch. Now scratch my back.” sort of way, it’s just not sexual in the least.

Thanks for the advice folks!

Same thing happen to me

If she is game, there are several typs of clamp available in sex shops, or you van improvise with clothes pegs and the like. Can work wonders when previously insensitive nipples discover there sensitivity freshhold.