In what Supreme Court cases were these New Deal programs deemed unconstitutional and for what specific reasons?

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These are the cases for the NRA and the AAA. You probably better off to read them yourself.
In the first case, the Court held that interstate commerce wasn’t involved. In the second case, the Court ruled that the Federal Government could not regulate agriculture.

It would be helpful if you had given the names, and not just the acronymns. By RRA, do you mean “Rural Resettlement Administration?” Or was it a typo for NRA? The NRA (National Recovery Administration) was created under the NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) and was abolished after the NIRA was declared unconstitutional. I don’t know that the Rural Resettlement Administration was ever declared unconstitutional.


National Industrial Recovery Act, Railroad Retirement Act, Agricultural Adjustment Act.

After doing my own research, I found that the case of Railroad Retirement Board v. Alton Railroad (1935) ruled that the commerce clause does not give Congress the power to set up a pension system for railroad workers, as under the RRA.