Should Obama Revive the NRA?

The “National Recovery Act” Link:
was a Roosevelt attempt to control the US economy. Under it, prices were fixed, profits fixed, and the whole economic system controlled by the government.
Now that massive government stimulus hasn’t caused the US unemployment to drop-is something like the NRA the next logical thing to try?
The NRA was found unconstitutional-would people accept such a scheme today?

Other than your sheer terror at the thought of Obama turning the US into a socialist country, why would you even think he wants to?

If it was found unconstitutional, he can’t do it, right? Any plan he came up with would have to be substantially different to survive a challenge. It doesn’t matter if “people” would accept it because at least some wouldn’t and the courts won’t rule based on a popularity poll.

So it sounds like a bad idea.

If he tried, I do believe the National Rifle Association would have the largest mass shit hemorrhage ever recorded in human history.

Well, for one thing Obama couldn’t just unilaterally revive the NRA. It would have to be passed by Congress just like any other legislation. A bill enacting a Hitler Appreciation Day would probably have a better chance of passing.

Then the NRA could hire the WWF to suplex the other NRA into submission.

We kind of have something similar to the CCC now, but to qualify for enrollment kids have to display their entrepreneurial skills by augmenting their non-existent wages by dealing weed. Then, instead of learning how to build bridges and picnic tables, they learn how to bake brownies with soda crackers and coco mix on radiators.

That blue eagle symbol is just so cool! Actually, the NRA was the closest thing to communism that this country has ever seen.
And to think, it was overturned by a chicken!

Wait, are you hoping that Obama revives the NRA just because you think the logo is cool? Or do you think that he will because it will confirm your suspicions about Obama (since in your warped imagination he’s a closet communist and it was the “closest thing to communism that this country has ever seen”)?

When did I ever connect Obama with communism? I made a valid observation that the NRA gave unprecedented control over the US economy, to the government. If you watch the video, you will see that this is so-NRA compliance dictated adhering to pricing set by the government, and even extended to business practices.
So I believe the observation is valid.

What exactly would be done with these price controls? During the Depression, a huge part of the issue was that prices, especially agricultural prices, were so badly depressed that large sectors of the economy were not making a profit. For this problem, price controls are a drastic but viable solution. There’s not really a fundamental supply and demand problem right now, however, and so I honestly couldn’t say what government would do with price controls. Maybe if they’d put a floor on housing prices during the early days of the housing crash it could have helped, but at this point that would be closing the barn door after the horse bolted.

Well, let’s see. The last time a president did something like this (and without action by Congress) was in 1971 by, um, Richard Nixon.