Nit Pick the previous thread

In this game, we will be nit picking the previous poster’s thread. As long as its friendly, you can nit pick ANYTHING about the previous poster’s thread - grammar, spelling, style, presentation, brevity - or length; its an open season for nit pickers!

Now I have left plenty of oportunities in this OP for nit picking… just to get things rolling…


For one thing ,you mean post not thread, right?

You meant meant; he already stated it.

The previous thread lacks anything to nit pick…(That’s my nit pick)


I nit pick that you missed him missing a possible nit pick over the placement of the comma in runner pat’s post.

Not to nitpick, but you could have at least cited the first time this was done
Other than that, I got nothing. Or do I?

SSG Schwartz

I nit pick that you only used the term nit pick twice when you nit picked the missing of a nit pick.

Well, I really hate to nitpick, but I’m going to have to nitpick that you’re missing a period there. Might want to take a pregnancy test, just to be sure.

The “there” in this line really served no purpose. You couldn’t point to the spot where the missing period should have been. The reader would either figure it out or not on his own.

‘His’? What about us ladies, huh?

I believe the term should be ‘we ladies’.

Hey, this is America! Use double quotation marks, willya? None of that limey punctuation around here.

ETA: You too, Diver! Harrumph.

Are you referring to the United States of America? Two continents comprose the American hemisphere and are populated by a vast number of people who may choose to punctuate differently than you.

Surely you meant “compose” although I could imply from your post that you also had “comprise” in mind as you wrote this.

I meant ‘comprise,’ and don’t call me Shirley.

Compose vs. comprise (the smaller parts compose the larger):

Comprise or Compose?.

It is a a lighthearted, easygoing nitpicking thread.

You only needed one “a” before “lighthearted” in this sentence.

I’ve never thought it kind to pick on those who stutter.

Typing an extra “a” is not stuttering.

A word referred to as a word, or a letter as a letter, should be italicized rather than placed within quotation marks. Here is an example: a.