No access to email sites

I can call up the hotmail sign-in page but when I put in my password, it shows “page cannot be displayed”. I log in to my personal web address thru The Godaddy site comes up, but clicking the “my email account” button sends me once again to “page cannot be displayed”.

Every other site I visit has links that work perfectly, just not my email sites. Anyone else having trouble? Is it a problem on my end or something with the servers?

Are you at work?

No problem on my end, Shai’tan. Maybe it’s your server, like you said.
Good luck! I hope it clears up soon, as it’s difficult to function without email!
(In my case, anyway!)

I’m having this problem with Hotmail (which recently migrated to “Live”) on my home PC, but able to access (as of this morning) at a cybercafe. I presume it’s a cookie problem, but that’s just an educated guess. No idea how to fix.

Can you get to other secure sites, like a banking or credit card site (the part after you log in)? Could be a problem with HTTPS.

Here, try this one: It’s secure right off the bat, no logging in required. Can you get there?

Last night, I was able to access Hotmail via Mozilla and submitted a tech support request. This morning, it was suggested that my failure to upgrade to Live was causing the problem. (As I recall, got an email saying that would happen automatically, but whatever.) So, again from Mozilla, I upgraded and Hotmail (Live) is now working in IE7. If you don’t have Mozilla, I imagine you could do the same thing from any cybercafe (no cookies).

I voluntarily upgraded to Live as soon as it was offered. So that wasn’t the problem. Hotmail wasn’t the only email site not working for me. I too suspected the problem might only be with secure sites, but don’t know what would cause it. Anyhow the problem disappeared today. I have access again. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.