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Detroit Free Press. Please tell me that’s something like The Onion. Please?

Hey, how did you make the “quote” thing a link?

[u rl=“”][q uote][/u rl]bolding mine:
On … bureau. [/qu ote]

Codes butchered, of course.


Nope, Coldie. Here’s another from the San Jose Mercury News.

“That’s right, people, no more leaks, starting…wait for it, wait for it…any moment now…Karl, give me the goddamn signal!”

That is good.


I have to wonder if the unamed source leaked that just because Bush told him not to.

Oh, I don’t have to wonder: I feel pretty certain that the source was explicitly instructed to leak it so that everyone would know that W’s takin’ names. That’s what makes it so funny: that it’s probably a Keystone-Coppy “smokescreen” for the likelihood that the leaks to date have been orchestrated and ordered by the White House, but now they have to “appear” to be addressing that issue, so they arrange a leak to that effect.

I think you give them too much credit.

Well, it’s certainly true that orchestrating leaks is the White House’s primary method of feeding the media, so I tend to think they’re just exactly as in control of the process as they want to be.