no feeling in fingertip, permanent?

IF you get it back it may take 9 months to a year to happen. The odds are a little better than even that sensation will be restored.

VWife slammed her finger in the back door in October, and is dealing with a similar issue. I had major GI surgery a few years ago, and it was 9 months before I felt hunger.

Well, for now, great power comes with great responsibility. I have a funny feeling that you will eventually get full feeling back. When you do, however, please try to break the news gently to any sidekicks or minions. :wink:

I lacerated three of my finger once (L index, R ring and pinke)
The index was the worst going to the bone.
Got stitched by a general surgeon who botched it. At first I had no sensation from the first knuckle to the tip. I could not start a nut onto a bolt using my index finger and thumb. No feedback to know if it was right. I had to use my second finger and thumb.
Gradually I have regained feeling in that finger except for a small area near the wound area (at the first knuckle)
Something I found out in all this was if you have damage to your finger insist on a plastic surgeon they do a much better job with quicker healing.

I got a dog bite on my finger 3 years ago, still completely numb.

I ground the tip of a finger off several years ago. It was numb for a few months, then the feeling slowly started coming back. By about 2 years feeling was back.

Can anyone here give me feedback on my situation?

Same feedback I gave you on the other thread. Go see a dr. Hard to diagnose over the internet. It could be exactly what the retired doc said. it could be broken. It could be something physical therapy could help you with. Basically, you have an injury. You should see a dr and get an x-ray.