No good has been done

A week or so ago I spent, I dunno, ten bucks? On thirty caplets of some woo-woo pharmacuetical that my mother said would help with depression.

Hasn’t worked; I’m at the bottom of a bottle of a bottle of Boones Farm fake Sangria, supposed to be celebratory, now I feel like crap.

Gotta learn to stop drinking when I hit that happy place. Supposed to be a special occasion.

The Phillies won the World Series, why are you depressed?

Was the woo-woo pharmaceutical 5-HTP by any chance? I started taking it to help with insomnia but it’s also supposed to help with depression, it hasn’t helped my mood at all.

Boone’s Farm? That’s some bad stuff there.

Sorry I have nothing really helpful to say. Hope you feel better soon.

You do know that alcohol is a depressant, right?