No hamsters?

But where are the hamsters?

Right here!

Random, that´s very cool, and my Geekness index increased by 23.5% just for looking at it.

On the other hand, Crescend, you´re a sick, sick puppy, aren´t you? A member for two years and only 72 posts, I wonder what has kept you so busy all this time… on second thought I don´t want to know. :smiley:

Quality over quantity!

Glad you liked it! (For those who don’t have sound on, the music makes the link.)


Oh woe. I had sound on but no music happened. I think I foresee a grand disaster of the CelynComputer. :eek:

Nor I.

Same here when I opened it in Firefox, but it works fine in IE.


…I think…

GAH! I hate it when I find something that only talks to IE! Sulk!

Seriously, though, thank you.:slight_smile: