No Lo Contendre - MMP

I’m much too tired to be clever, so I’ll just tell you how everything was (and some other junk)
As I was packing Friday morning I realized that the XD card from my old camera was just not going to fit in the SD slot in the new one. So I called my friend and told I’d be a little late picking her up due to a very important detour (otherwise I’d only be able to take 27 pictures over the weekend, which is far too few)
We started out about 10:00, experienced very minimal traffic along the way, and made it to the hotel in just under 2 and a half hours, including one pit stop stop. Our room was not ready, however, so we were forced to go to the convention floor and shop for more bling (traditionally, a Sweet Adeline wears a lot of rhinestone pins, some just assorted music notes and symbols, one that shows what part she sings, and sometimes, if her chorus has designed one, a rhinestone pin of their logo. We don’t have one of those yet; besides ours would look better as an enamel or cloissinné lapel pin anyway).
We were able to get into our room at around 2:00pm, so we dumped our stuff and came back downstairs, wondered around, mingling with other SAs located others in our chorus, hung out with them for a while, and finally, around 4:00, decided to take a little nap, as there wasn’t much to do until the quartet competition began at 5:30.
When it was time, we went to watch the quartets, which I always enjoy (but with 20 competitors, I did not feel bad leaving after 8 of them because it was time for Dinner With Dopers ( ! band name ! ) Joining my roomie and me were twickster, MsRobyn, Airman, Doc Cathode, ryobserver, and cleophus
We ate at the hotel restaurant, and talked about many different things, while while Doc Cathode made balloon animals (which he then gave to a young girl dining with her father a few tables over). During dinner, twickster and my roommie kept looking at each other with a sense of unidentifyable recognition, and it turns out they actually do know each other (if only peripherally) from the National Puzzlers League. It really is a small world.
After dinner, roomie and I went back up to the competition in time to hear the winners announced, then off to sleep early, because breakfast and the first rehearsal was at 8am.
We awoke early, and went down to our hospitality room to wait with the others until it was time to go downstairs. We have a few “groupies” that come with us every year: 2 former members, one of whom had long since moved to Florida, and the mother of a current member. Florida brings a bugle with her, , and marches up and down the hall playing it in the morning, making sure everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed. She is a rip and a half, and full of energy (where she gets it I have no clue, but I wished she’d bottle it and give me some!)
After rehearsal, we had about an hour before we had to start getting ready. Each row has to have costume and make up inspections, choreography review, and vocal review. Then we get picked up at the elevators by one of the convention committee, who takes us to the meeting room level of the hotel, where we a) rehearse for another half hour, b) check to make sure our make up hasn’t wilted and take our last sips of water before singing, c) have our official portrait taken (that won’t be up on the website for a few weeks yet), and d) one last 10 minute rehearsal before lining up on the escalator to go to the competition level, where we wait our turn to go up on stage. (meanwhile, the chorus that follows us is going thru the “pattern” (as it’s called) downstairs) We sing for 6 minutes and then it’s all over. We joined the audience for the rest of the performances and then waited for the results.
We know we improved over last year. Our director was proud of how we did. Our coach, who came all the way from Maine just to be there for us, was very pleased with our performance. The judges, however, were very stingy with the points, so we only placed 10th. It’s frustrating, really, when you know you’ve worked hard, and objective observers recognize the improvements, and nasty, stingy, subjective judges, just didn’t like it. (That’s not entirely true. There are standards of skill expected of the choruses, and areas we know we still have to work on - they just marked us very low :frowning: )
So, once it was all over, around 6pm, we went room, changed out of our costumes, took off our make up, ordered in some chinese (yes, the hotel allows deliveries) and just relaxed for a few hours. I don’t remember my fortune but that it was one that was >snerk<able, but roomie’s was
You will soon take an ocean voyageNot only a real fortune, but one that “in bed” just does not fit with.
Around 11pm, after the show of champions, (which we opted not to see) we went back to our hospitality room to hang out, eat, drink, sing a little and watch the traveling quartets (it’s a tradition for competing and non competing quartets to go from chorus to chorus and sing for everyone Saturday night. We also provide our own entertainment. I told a stupid little joke (which has sound effects and is somewhat visual as well, so I can’t post it. sorry :shrug: ), the newest members performed for us (a sort of hazing), and Florida and 3 of the veteran members presented a very silly song. We also had our annual visit from Hans (who is hard to describe but the picture sort of says it all ).
Sunday morning, we were up and out of the room early, because after about 9:30am, it is impossible to get a luggage cart as they are all being used to load up the buses come to take the choruses back home. Around 10am, as the lobby filled up, the 13 directors go halfway up the staircase at the far end of the lobby and take turns leading the entire convention population in song. It’s really quite moving.
Roomie and I were in the car and on the road by 11:00 and we made fantastic time; I dropped her off at about 1:45pm, was home 20 minutes later and napping soundly by 2:30pm.
Eventually, there will be a complete photo album from the weekend, if anyone is interested in seeing all the pics (I took 155, but the album won’t be that big) I’ll post the link

Phew! rosie, I am all tired out from your weekend now! :wink: And for my money, those judges were just stoopit! My weekend was just a slug fest in comparison. It was beautiful all three days, though. I even bought a new sun chaise so I could lounge in the sun. I don’t like it all that much though. It’s hard to adjust. Well what do you want for $17.00??

fcm, I saw in the last MMP where you are coming down but won’t be able to meet up. S’okay cause my bro is coming in from Houston and I’ll tied up as well.

I was really good about eating all weekend up until last night when I had an uncontrollable urge for chocolate. And even though I have some Kisses in the freezer, I went right for the baking semi-sweet chips and had three handfuls. I am soooooo bad.

Oh, well, back to the grind today.


Glad the weekend was fun, rosie. Sounds like a blast, even if the judges were stoopid. I don’t do anything that fun.

Saturday night, for example, my roomie’s brother had a DJ gig in some tiny town in Pennsylvania that required us to drive an hour and a half to get there and discover that what the club owner had requested and what the dancers wanted to hear were two very different things. So we spent three hours ransacking Roomie’s car for acceptable music. If we’d had my car, we would have had an unlimited supply of the 80’s music all the dancers were bitching for. (One lady came into the DJ booth three times to ask us if we had the same song.) Then there was the part where the bartender took off his shirt, put on an afro wig, and danced on the table. I don’t want to talk about that. And because of the time change, we didn’t get home till 5 a.m.

Yesterday, for Roomie’s birthday, I took her to go see Rent. It was wonderful, though, of course, very depressing. Then I went to bed at 9:30. That was nice.

Busy busy busy busy weekend, anyrose . Glad to hear it was sucessful and memorable, even if you didn’t come home with gold. If you fail us again, we won’t be so tolerable. :smiley:
Glad you had a safe trip. Welcome back to the weekdays.

I just read about Dorothy and the twister in the last MMP and WOW! I think I would have totally lost it.
Drae - did the woman think the song would magically appear in your collection simply because she willed it to?

ok - I am going back to bed for a few hours. I’ll catch up with you all later.

Quite possibly. She was also drunk. The kind of drunk we refer to as “Goin’ home with a stranger” drunk. Her husband, however, was awesome. Big gray-bearded biker dude who kept gently reminding her that it wasn’t our fault the club owner misrepresented the type of music that Scott would need.

Oh, and we went to Ikea on Saturday morning (to get Roomie an armoire–only I also ended up with a new quilt and we got some cups for the kitchen and some hangers and a tea press and …), then into the dreaded Garden State Plaza because it’s the only mall with the store we wanted to go to. I got an adorably cute dress for my friend Lisa’s wedding (the one I’m singing at), and now I get to buy a pair of impractical red shoes to go with it. I’ve never had red shoes before. One wouldn’t think I was terribly sheltered, but I guess I am.

Gotta make this quick. Rose, wonderful MMP, and lovely photos. Since the judges were idiots, I hereby award the Sweet Adelines with First Place With Honors in the Official MMP Choir Competition. Yay!

Dorothy, I’m sorry, but I’m still chuckling at you (with your Doper name) almost getting caught in a tornado. I’m glad you’re okay though!

My weekend consisted of lots of work, which kept me up last night. This week you’re all going to learn a little bit of physics - HA! - as I’ll be posting SI Units of the Day. SI is an abbreviation for Systeme Internationale, which is French. It’s the standard system of units in science. Here’s the first one:

It’s oddly appropriate for today, because while electrical impedance isn’t directly covered on it, I do have a test in Electromagnetic theory today. >_< And now I’m going to literally run to class. Later days!

anyrose --it sounds wonderful. Lida Rose, I’m home again, Rose… :slight_smile:

Glad to see that Dorothy had a little bit of Kansas and Oz yesterday (mostly glad that she’s ok–who knew that a porn shop could be a haven of security and safety?)

I am back from my travels, and also too befuddled to be witty etc. Here is something I emailed a friend:

We are home and all in one piece. I hate the flight home–somehow, it seems quicker when we fly at noc, but this was just one loooong day. We left Heathrow at 1605 and arrived at O’Hare at 1804. Neat trick, eh? And then we had to set the clocks for DST-who the hell knows what time it is now? Not me.

I have far too many jumbled thoughts, impressions, experiences and events to sort thru here so fast. Suffice to say that overall it was a good trip-but not the best one I’ve had overseas.

Next time, I want to get out of London and into the countryside–the Dales, Cornwall, Wales. Hell, at this point, I’ll take Wigan pier!

France was, well, France. Devastatingly gorgeous and if I say thoughtless, that sounds harsh. The French aren’t welcoming–they aren’t really rude, either–they are indifferent. Not that I blame them, in fact, if anything, I am all the more amazed at how nice the English are when so many people from around the world come and treat their home as a personal Disneyland. I did eat pig’s feet. My thoughts? Don’t bother–fatty, and little meat. The Parisians do love children, though-forgive a doting mother, but they raved about John, my 7 year old(#2 son). He is somewhat attractive, IMO.

I would dread having to live in London–fighting past the suitcases and the maps and the tourists and the buskers every day. I LOVE London–to me, it is the most dynamic city in the world, but to need that drive and energy every day would be too much for me. Same with Paris.

Memories of UK that stand out: Leeds Castle. Surely one of the most beautiful castles around and the grounds! Words fail me. I could have spent a week, just sitting in the gardens–spring is much more advanced there. The daffodills were in full bloom, as were hyacinths, crocuses (those have never bloomed at the same time for me), hellebores, scylla,anemones, god knows what else. And so green–Leeds Castle is gorgeous.

We had great fun getting lost in the maze, John doing his Harry Potter imitation throughout. The guy in the center of the maze (who has the best job in Britain as far as I’m concerned) was a riot. He and John hit it off and we chatted for some time about England and tourists and Leeds Castle–it was nice. From the center of the maze, you descend into an underground grotto–which is amazing. Oh, never mind-just go and see if for yourself.

The Tower has lost none of its scarey-ness for me. Gruesome place, really. No ravens, though–they’re in quaratine due to the avian flu. It is said that if the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fail–so the canny Brits clip their wings. Heh.

Dover is a great town. The castle may kill you–or get you into great shape in one afternoon, but the town has a nice outdoor mall, with bistros and shops. The sun came out while we were sitting having tea outside, next to a flower stall. Colors are so vibrant in Britain, when the sun comes out.

It cooled off nicely for me, and I was able to wear the sweaters (jumpers? Nah, I won’t go all Brit on you guys) that I had packed. It was effing cold when we got off the plane here-40 degrees. Brrr. I had gotten used to the nice 50 with wind that UK gave us.
Flight was hell–John’s inflight TV monitor failed, as did any request for a nap. 7 is about the youngest that I would travel that distance with. Gah.

We did finally make it to “Marks and Sparks” (think JC Penney’s) and I bought some pajamas. No, I didn’t go all the way to UK to buy pajama’s–mine decided to rip out of the crotch on day 2. It was cooler, for sure, but not very attractive. Perhaps it was the bus trip over to Marble Arch, from Knightsbridge (not all that far, really) that did me in as a London dweller. Something about having an errand to run and dealing with masses of people etc–no, thanks. Did you know that there are 400+ Marks and Spencer’s in Britain? And we couldn’t find the damned thing for love or money. Seriously, that “errand” took over 3 hours.

Things I love about Britain:

your TV shows. Only in UK would dramatic tension be wrought over jobs at Heathrow Airport. Great show. Also loved watching the Paul O’Grady Show–it’s like going back in time to my childhood. Here we had something called the Merv Griffin Show–same type thing-30 years ago. Nice. Wanted to watch some Geeks and Models show, but fell asleep. Did watch some cooking show Saturday morning–the host seemed a bit of an ass, but the recipes and guests were nice. And John loved the show, “Ram It”. Good god.

Irrelevant aside:We watched “The Weakest Link” while in Paris–dayum, they’re mean!

Cab drivers–I never take cabs, but husband insisted upon occasion. To a man, they are friendly, nice, polite and sometimes great value. Some of them could do stand up, seriously. Cabbies in Chicago either don’t speak English or are bent on winning the surliest cabdriver of the year award.

The people who care for and work at tourist sites–they have the patience of saints, are unfailingly polite, and (since we didn’t go in the height of tourist season) seem eager to talk to us. The man at Leeds Castle (not the maze guy), in answer to John’s question about kitchens, insisted on taking us past the velvet ropes and showing us the kitchen–complete with electric kettle. Sadly, there was no man sized fireplace or pig on a spit, roasting. Just a microwave and a kettle.

And then there was the guard at the V and A–we asked if the Fashionology exhibit had a separate charge (this was Daughter and me), he said, “yes, 9 pounds a piece”. I then leaned across the counter a bit and said, sotto voice, “but is it worth 9 pounds?”. He laughed, said “Now, you’re asking a bloke” and waived the entrance fee. No kidding.

And it wasn’t worth 9 pounds a head. :stuck_out_tongue:
Another Victoria train station person watched John struggle with a 20p piece to get into the bathroom, and just opened the turnstile for him. The shuttle bus driver, upon discovering that my brother had paid twice for an entrance ticket to Leed’s Castle, turned the shuttle OFF, and ran (himself) up to the ticket booth to get my brother’s money back. He was too late, the booth was closed for the day, but still!

I am telling you, there are no nicer people on the planet. I ask a question about Edward I (he married an Eleanor and we Eleanors have to stick together) and immediately this guy was urging me to go to Charing Cross to see one of his remaining memorials to her. I said, “oh, was he the one who had those crosses built for her memory?” and he was pleased as punch and told me all about it. We had a nice interlude, sharing a love of history and information.

In the Dover tunnels(strategic military tunnels first built in the Napoleonic Wars, but also used for the evacuation of Dunkirk)–we went into an operating theatre. They do a voice over mock up of a pilot come in for trauma to his leg. It’s all very British war film, I swear some of the lines were “right-o” and “least said, soonest mended”, but I was stopped dead by this:" Doctor, his blood pressure is dropping." “Well, give him some more oxygen!”

Hmmm. So, afterwards, I told the tour “guide” (so called because all she really did was push the buttons to make the voice overs go) that I don’t know about back then, but nowadays, when someone’s BP falls, we don’t give them oxygen, we give them fluid. She said she’d make a note of it. That’s either a genuine remark or she was goofing on me (sometimes it’s hard to tell with all the deadpan humor about).

I love this country, I tell you. I loved the two young men who hopped onto our Piccadilly line Tube train and started playing the mandolin and the fiddle–commuting is so much nicer with an Irish reel or two. That would get you arrested in Chicago (luckily, we do have some excellent jazz buskers in our train stations here).

Home, doing laundry. Feel quite disembodied. Jet lag, I suppose. Greg lost his cell phone in Paris, and his charger for the laptop got fried. He bought another one, but now he needs yet another one–the one he bought only had UK and European plug ends! Miss it already and really don’t want to go back to work. Fortunately, I am off until Tuesday.


Ohm not feelin so good after that one. :rolleyes:

(to the tune of Mairzy Dotes)

AC Volts,
and DC Volts,
and little Ohms and Amperes…

I would never remember DST if it wasn’t for the fact that I turn on my computer every day and it tells me! I don’t like DST, so that could be why.

I dreamt about work last night. I don’t like that. Bad, bad, bad,

Other than that, the weekend was nice and relaxing. Kite-flying Friday night, then some sewing over the weekend. I finished up a robe I was making, then a pillowcase, and even made my first pair of pants - for my Chococat. Google Chococat, and you’ll know.

I figured I’d start with him, because he wouldn’t care if the pants were ugly. Somehow the first time I managed to make the pants a) too tight and b) I sewed the legs together. :smack: :smack: :smack: So his legs looked like sausages.

I did do it again, and they came out adorable! Now I have this little pair of pants, and he’s even got a vest and a tiny robe. I find practicing on him makes it easier to make the big things.

Everyone had such busy weekends! Eleanor, I am madly envious of your trip to England and France!

I just spent the weekend recovering from whatever it was I had. The duration of a cold, it seems, and seems to have settled into one, but for two days it was very 'flu-y–fever, chills, body aches, devastating exhaustion.

I felt like death, but the puppy didn’t care. :slight_smile: I had to get up every few hours and walk the dog. My appearance scared people in the neighbourhood.

And now it is MONDAY already and I have to go back to the office. I was wrong–the end of the month (30th & 31st, where I stayed home sick) won’t be the busiest day, today will. (Property management office.) And there is nothing I will be able to do about the phone calls, emails, and people walking in the door. All I can do is do my best, and know that today will not be the day to “catch up”. It will be the day to “try and stay afloat”.

Why do people pay rent in cash? Grrr. (I am a bad counter and hate handling cash.) I wish everyone had a nice chequing account and used it!

I had an anxiety dream about going back this morning after the weekend and two sick days. I couldn’t find my makeup and was trying to use this blue-tinted heavy cover cream as foundation. And then, of course, I was very late for work. And then I dreamed that people started spelling “bank” as “banque”. Maybe to match “cheque”?

The the dog woke up and it was Monday morning. :slight_smile: And walkies commenced, in the dim light of Time Change Season. Sans shower or combing my hair.

Death walked again. :slight_smile:

Oh, bugger!

All right, all right, I’ll ask the mods to close the other one…

My own contribution (pasted from the other thread):

There was an explosion near my campus yesterday ! A Tim Horton’s near Yonge and Bloor–a major intersection in Toronto–was set on fire by an unknown man carrying a can of gasoline.

He walked in about one in the afternoon, reeking of oil and sweat, and went into the bathroom. Another guy smelled the fumes and ran out, and minutes later there was a loud ‘bang’ as the ceiling collapsed.

The man was found dead with severe burns all over his body, and they’re going to perform an autopsy, but thankfully nobody else was hurt. Police are saying it isn’t terrorism.

Someone came in to work and told me that a Tim’s had been bombed. I’m glad they were wrong.
What a fun weekend, rosie! I can identify you in the pics, but could you give a left to right name list of all the Dopers? Aslo, the judges sucked. They were unable to recognise your astounding talent.

I’ve got the get ready for work, but Mr. Lissar’s brother is married, the bride looked pretty, and her relatives are not fun. I’ll try and formulate a good horror story out of the weekend at work today.

My next ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:45. I know their game and will drink accordingly this time–there’s no need to torture myself. It’ll be over fast because there won’t be a cat scan this time, and I’ll be home on the couch watching cartoons by 4:30. :slight_smile:

Just popping in very quickly to say good morning.

Nice OP, rosie. It all sounds exhausting to me.

I read about a former co-worker and friend’s death this weekend. I started crying the minute I saw her name. We had lost contact because she became ill and I had moved on to another job. It’s things like this that make you realize how important it is to keep up with folks. She was a special person and I’ll always have a place for her in my heart.

Well, I need to get back to my ever so fun ( :rolleyes: ) spreadsheets and database.

Man Rosie, what a weekend! I do have to say, though, that I’d have been breaking a bugle if’n it woke me up. I’m not a good waker-upper.

This weekend I hit people, drank a lot of beer, and slept in a tent. And injured someone, but that was an accident. Then I went home and took a long bath to get rid of the aches and pains, but they decided to hang around for at least another day or two. I’m currently hobbling around like an old man when I walk anywhere.

Oh, and I had to go to my dancing lessons last night too.

Nice OP Rosie. I’m glad you had a good time and got to meet some dopers too. The judges are stoopit and tone deaf! So There, Judges! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rigs glad your European trip was good. I want to go to England but I don’t want to fly that long, so I don’t know what I shall ever do about it.

welby you still taking dance lessons? I thought surely by now they woulda given up on you. :smiley:

I scrubbed and cleaned pool furniture, the deck and my grill Saturday, then went to a retirement party for a friend. That was my exciting weekend. Today I was in a meeting, followed by another meeting, followed by a half hour discussion of contract pricing and then lunch. It needs to be go home time NOW!

Hi, MMP’ers! Rosie, all judges are wrong, unless they give you a good score! Rigs, I’m jealous of your trip to Europe, we went somewhere this weekend, but it was only Austin. It was an earlycelebration for my youngest daughter’s birthday, though, so we had fun. I’m also on vacation this week, so I can get some things done around the house.

Kytheria, that’s a sign to stay away from Tim Horton’s!

Taters I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs from the land of gritty gelatin!

Lissla, Funny Wedding Story! Yay!