Angelic Voices - a Sunday Evening MMP

I woke up Friday morning not feeling terrific, or rather feeling decidedly not terrific. Last year’s conference had been very poorly organized and this one had been shaping up to be just as bad, but I had already committed funds to this, and I do enjoy seeing everyone, so I finished packing and headed out to get my hair and nails done. I wanted to look my best while I sulked in a corner. I picked my friend up at about 2pm and we headed northwest-ish. Getting off Long Island was not a problem, but we had no sooner gotten off the Throggs Neck Bridge (which, as a child, I swore was called the Frog’s Neck Bridge) and added our vehicle to the line of cars waiting to cross the George Washington Bridge some 11 miles away. That portion of the trip took a little over an hour. The next leg of the trip, along 95 to 80, went smoothly, for about 3 miles, then we hit more sluggish traffic, crawling at 7 mph or slower, for the next 20 miles or so, finally thinning out, leaving the last 7 miles of the trip bearable - a trip of 55 miles took over two and a half hours - but we had it easy. Another carload from our chorus left Lawn Guylandt 15 minutes after we did, took the same route, and arrived one full hour after we did.
The 5 of us had a nice dinner together, then we went to our first meeting. The guest faculty for the weekend was a very personable woman of note within the Sweet Adelines organization with many humorous tales to tell. But I was tired and dozed off at one point. After that we had our first chorus rehearsal of the weekend. The convention registrants are split into two choruses, which sing for each other after breakfast on Sunday. However, one of my chorus mates, who decided she’d rather work with Chorus A director, did not join me at Chorus B rehearsal. I was mildly pissed off. It was apparent by the chorus sizes Sunday morning (A had clearly half again as many singers as B) that she was not the only one who did this. It’s okay, tho, I much preferred the songs we sang to the ones A sang. (we actually sang “Sweet Adeline”) After the rehearsal, there was a quartet mixer for those already in and those who want to be in quartets. We didn’t learn any new music, just sang songs we all knew. Each of the parts lined up and when the second one in line thought the first one had sung enough, she tapped the first one out and sang until the next one tapped her out and so on. That was fun, I love to sing in quartets, except for this other diva who kept tapping me out just before the cool bass swipe*. That brought us to about 11pm. and we all went back to our rooms to sleep … because vocal warm ups were at 8 freakin’ ay em. (I slept in and also almost missed the 8:30 class) After that, there was another class, then rehearsal, which I skipped in order to have a private vocal lesson, which actually turned into more of a philosophical discussion. My instructor was the director of another chorus here on LI, and a real piece of male eye candy to boot. His chorus has always done respectably in competition, so now I’m thinking, after I get my knees fixed and can stand for more than 3 minutes at a time, I’ll audition to join his chorus as well. Being a dual member has become vogue of late, ever since HQ came out with official criteria two years ago. But besides being twice as fun, besides allowing me to keep the friendships I’ve formed and remain loyal and also be part of a medal winning chorus, it’s also twice as expensive - two sets of dues, of costumes, of shoes, of various events, and on and on - so I need to be physically whole, the financial part is secondary. After lunch on Saturday were more classes, then a nap, then dinner, with the traditional rubber chicken covered in sauce, altho this was actually tender and tasty, with a baby zucchini for accompaniment, and a yummy cake that thought it was tiramisu for dessert. During dinner, the medal winning choruses and quartets performed between courses. We were back in the room by a little after 10:30, so we watched Victor/Victoria and a little of SNL until we fell asleep. This morning there was a rehearsal, then breakfast, after which the two choruses sang for each other. Since I was feeling a little utzie, I opted not to sing but I did take videos. When I’m done editing the photos and such, I’ll post a link for a snip of one or two of the songs, since due to copyright laws I am not allowed to post the whole song. Then everyone got up on the performance risers and the directors took turns leading us in “regional songs” (those are songs all the choruses in the region already know or have just learned this weekend as opposed to an individual chorus’ personal repertoire) Oh yeah, and I shopped. The host chorus (a different one each year) gets to have a boutique to raise funds. There are gift baskets to win by raffle ticket, old costume jewelry for $1 a piece, homemade baked goods (the peanut butter cookies were yummilicious) and assorted other things. I bought 3 pairs of earrings and a tote bag covered in kitty cats (well, not real ones, just images thereof). The ride home took a hour and 15 minutes - half as long as Friday’s drive out. Yeesh :smack: Smokey yelled at me when I get home, but as soon as I settled in for my nap, there she was, full of nuzzles and purrs. Ah, it’s good to be home.
Oh, yeah, the thread title - The first bit of info regarding the conference sent out made no mention of a theme or costume (tho traditionally, there is always something) Subsequent literature said “don’t forget to join the angel network” which most of us took to mean they’d be collecting donations for some charity or other. It wasn’t until less than a week before that “don’t forget your wings and halos” appeared in anything. So only about 60% of us were dressed as angels. (I contemplated pulling a sheet of the bed and throwing it around me, (I later saw two other women had done this) but decided against it since I wasn’t feeling up to singing and preferred to take pictures anyway.) But we all sounded like angels, anyway.

Thus ends the tale of my fall convention. Tune in next April when I regale you with stories of Competition 2007

*a swipe is where one part gets to sing a measure or so by herself while the other 3 hold a chord, adding a little flourish to the song.

WHEE! Sounds like you sorta kinda had fun rosie. Since I know you like singing I’m sure you had fun. I like your description of what goes on even if I don’t understand it all.

I had a sinus headache, went to a yummy dinner last night (I made a baked rice casserole), had some real good baked brie, went to church, made lunch, napped and pretty much was a slug. Thus endeth the details of my weekend.

Oh, and I’m first!

Zee goggles! Zey do nuzzing with zat paragraph!

So, we’ve gone from super early in the single digits AM to starting the MMP a day early? Cool. I can dig it. My fantasy football team is kicking serious ass, so I’m doing alright with all sorts of things.

And …


ok - football in September I can accept. but hockey? it’s waaaaaaay too early for that!

I forgot to mention: Director Eye Candy told me I have a lovely bass voice, and the only thing I needed to work on was trusting in the emotion of the song, something I do naturally when I sing along with Broadway tunes on my iPod, but something that most new barbershoppers are told to unlearn in that individual voices should not stick out. Also at breakfast, a woman who was in the quartet mixer Friday night also complimented my voice. Always good to hear.

Since I’m not supposed to post from work, just don’t nobody read this till tomorrow. :smiley:

My weekend was mostly lazy, with a lot of driving. It was relaxing, but way too short. As usual.

I still need chocolate.

::Posting with eyes closed so as not to read FCM’s post::

So that we’re all in one MMP…I’m responding to swampy’s post about ACBG’s eloped nephew: Sounds like the bride and groom knew they needed to get a little space between them and their Moms. Oh, and ACBG’s mom sounds very cool.

I’ve re-watched another episode of MI-5 and am considering figuring out when my next book club meeting is and what the heck we’re reading. Should be in the next couple weeks, so I should probably know and, like, actually read the book.

But I’m sleepy.

Should probably also think about tomorrow’s lunch. Not sure that I had dinner, but I don’t seem to be hungry, so I’m not going to worry.

Maybe I’ll crawl into bed extra-early. Do I sound as indecisive as I feel?


Rose, validation always feels good. We may know our stuff back and forth or be a super talent in something, but when someone else tells you you’re good… Well. That’s special. :slight_smile:

So sleepy, in fact, that I forgot to say: sounds like you actually had a pretty nice time, rosie. I’m glad. Nice OP. Got a good feel for that type of conference; it sounds fun (except for the scene-stealer-diva).


rose, When I read the title, I immediately thought of Optomistic Voices, fro The Wizard of OZ (We’re out of the woods, we’re out of the dark, we’re out of the night. Step into the sun, step into the light and let them Open… Open…) That’s from memory, so it may be a paraphrase.
Your weekend sounded fun, except for the drive. Too bad you weren’t completely on top of your game. It sounds like feeling less than 100% didn’t effect your preformance, though.
Did you record any of the preformance? I bet we’d like to hear you sing… :smiley:
My weekend has been very relaxing. The most energetic thing we did grill some steaks today. Hubby works tomorrow, and I’ll have to get back in harness. sigh. I have to make a doctor appt for later in the week. I don’t want to say why just yet, it could be nothing and I don’t want to be melodramatic, but good thoughts might be in order.
If I don’t mention anything, later in the week, it was nothing…

yes I did record some of Sunday morning, but no I wasn’t in it (because I was doing the recording) Perhaps some other time I’ll have someone else operate the camera (one thing I love about my little Samsung is that it does not limit the length of the video the way other digital cameras with video capability do so I wsa able to get whole songs)

We’d be willing to listen to your mates sing…

I am sorry you weren’t feeling too great. I would love to hear some singing(and it is never too early for hockey.)

I was taking a little break for a couple of days because the dial-up is so slow it frustrates me and I actually had something to do in real life for once. The guy was crying because he was telling me about his divorce. Again. We had our date Saturday night. We went to dinner and then went to his house and sat on the porch for a while, until we decided we were too warm and went into the house. Then we went home. Our conversation the whole evening was rather stilted, although we talked a lot about the food, and not so much as a good night kiss ensued. It was an odd date.

I love Jane Austen, but I move that one can indeed go a lifetime without reading Wuthering Heights and suffer no ill effects. In fact, I have mused on mean-spirited Bronte-themed t-shirts sometimes. I never liked Emily’s work, haven’t read Anne’s, and I went off Charlotte when I read how bitchy she was about Jane Austen’s work.

Well rosie it sounds as if it was a good time, even if you didn’t feel on top of your game. Sometimes it’s nice to just be a part of a “happening” to lift ones spirits. Although that drive to the convention would have given me screaming claustrophobic fits! Nice OP, even if it is still Sunday! :smiley: I am looking forward to your photos.

Today has been a total beyotch of a day. Skiffman had decided to take the skiff out for one more attempt at gillnetting some subsistence salmon. He left here at 7:00 am, and at 6:00 pm I still hadn’t heard from him and I called the skipper’s wife so they could call on the radio to make sure he was alright (he went out alone, which worries me) but he called while I was on the phone with her, so all is well. He spent the day chasing jumpers, the majority were spawned out humpies, and there were a bunch of stupid seals and sea lions taking bites from the fish bellies before he could get the net up. He did get five silvers, which is enough for a small bucket of salt fish, out of which I make a pickled fish that is out of this world!

I had hoped that walls would have been torn down this weekend, but my friend/contractor was weathered in at Old Harbor (a village on the south end of the island) but we talked both by IM and telephone, and the new plan is to get it going next weekend. I have to get the new heater put in, the weather has turned cold(er) and damp(er) and right now I have the electricity sucking space heater on, as my arthritis and Reynaud’s are protesting. We have had torrential downpour all day, my sinuses hurt along with all the rest. Blah.

On to better topics, we had pan fried backstrap last night, I wait all year for the first meal of backstrap, and I was not disappointed! The kids ate earlier tonight and are in bed, but I was waiting for skiffman to come home. He just ran to the store to get some more cheese, I want sushi but he’s too tired to send him downtown to pick it up for me, so I’ll settle for a quesadilla and some fruit. I think I’ll have him take a front quarter out of the freezer tonight and pot roast it all day tomorrow, easy peasy dinner!

I have about a quarter of my Christmas shopping done, yay! I want to be able to enjoy this Christmas season, do some baking and entertaining instead of shopping.

The big news of the weekend though is that #3 is going steady with a boy who is a Junior this year who she recently met. She is a good girl, and a freshman, but teenagers have that hormonal thing going and I have some thoughts concerning the age difference. Fortunately, he fears me! The school had a bonfire Friday and a dance Saturday for Homecoming, and she got her first smooches on Saturday. Needless to say she is on cloud nine, and considering the trouble I was getting into at 15 a few closed mouth kisses aren’t gonna get my panties in a twist. I just hate that my babies aren’t babies anymore. #2 has a new boyfriend, and #1 is still working on the pregnancy thing. At least The Son is still Mama’s Precious Boy!

Well, skiffman is coming up the walk, so I’ll close for now. I wonder how huge the MMP will have grown by the time I log on tomorrow!

hola y’all.

It’s a no sleeping night for me. I think something’s wrong with me (physically, I mean) but I’m not going to bug my mom or go to the doctor or anything unless it gets really bad. I’m afraid they’ll keep me there or something.

I dyed my hair! it’s brown now. I can steal my sister’s “look I’m a brunette and we have lots of fun because we’re better than blondes or something” shirt. But I won’t.

Rosie, your angel choir thing sounds like fun. Our choir things are always pretty boring. But they get us out of school, which is sometimes a good thing.

kaiwik! Christmas shopping already! You’re kicked out of the Cool People Always Procrastinate club.

It’s not sunday evening… heck, it’s almost Monday at noon!

Nice that the MMP is early, I get to post before lunch :slight_smile:

All that singing sounds like a lot of fun, rosie

I took last Thursday off work: had to see the doctor and they gave me an appointment at 3pm, in my hometown because when I asked for it I hadn’t been able to do the paperwork to be assigned to my new “primary care center” in the village where I’m living. Since I would have needed something like 3 hours off and I still have a ton of vacation left, I took the whole day. Doc ordered some tests, very low priority so I’ll probably be called sometime between Xmas and easter. I picked up Mom and we spent the weekend together.

Saturday we went to Roncesvalles. It was darned cold, the weatherman had even mentioned a possibility of snow in the highest peaks. Monday we’d been over body temperature, Saturday chilling rain. It’s the fall all right! I always wondered whether there’s a place on Earth that gets the kind of falls and springs books talk about. Here in Spain, both seasons consist of intervals that feel almost like winter and intervals that feel almost like summer, in a strange game of weather Morse. Today we’re back to almost-summer.

I took pics, but I haven’t been able to upload them because my 'net connection is down. A tech is supposed to come today or tomorrow.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend I had talked to the previous week; he’d asked me for some pics of our parish (he lives out of town now) for a giftbook for his Dad’s 50th birthday. I already have the pics and have located some old ones I like but haven’t sent them. I thought he’d be calling about that but no: he’d seen an ad asking for a ChemEng in our hometown and thought I might be interested. Sounds crazy, having just bought a flat and stuff, but I’ve sent the resume through the webpage they listed and I’m also sending it to the company’s manager (I got his name from a common acquaintance who says he’ll mention it to this guy). You see: the ad lists “young” in the newspaper, which usually means “below 30”. In the webpage it says “28-35”, so I wouldn’t pass the mechanical filter due to 3 extra years :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be a different line of work from what I do right now, but one that goes well with my skills. What I dislike most about being a consultant is that I can never make a decision: I just propose solutions and pray very very hard that the client won’t ask for something completely idiotic. Living again with Mom sounds kind of crazy, but the thing is, she actually leaves me more breathing space when I’m in her house! We’ll see.

I’ve always thought I might be crazy. Now I know for sure.

Sweetie pie, I am 46 years old and am sick and tired of shopping on Christmas Eve! Plus the majority of my gifts need to be snail mailed all over the country, and the USPS is super slow during the rest of the year from this rock I live on, at Christmas time it is practically non existant. Especially if there is weather, which, of course, there always is. Just for once I want my family to receive their gifts during the year they were meant to be received! :smiley:

BTW, glad to see you here, I have been thinking of you today and wondering how you were, and here you are! Tada!!! Must be my magic thinking again!

Happy MM everyone! Nice post about your Sweet Adelines, Anyrose; sorry you weren’t feeling so well, though. :frowning: Kaiwik, your posts are so full of interesting stuff! LOL What is backstrap? Or do I want to know? :wink:

I too wasn’t feeling well at the start of the weekend; I had been eating some spinach quiche last week, and now I’m thinking that might have been it. Or maybe I’m just a hypochondriac, but I was really sick last Friday. So this weekend was mostly restful. Saturday, my daughter and I went to the library’s “used” bookstore and picked up a boatload of paperbacks for less than $5! The regular cost is 3 for $1, but I also picked up a few that were marked to 10 cents, so we got a real bargain. :slight_smile:

Sunday we went to the NBC4 Connected Expo at the convention center in DC. We had a really great time and saw a lot of hi-tech stuff; we also met a few of the local NBC anchors and weather people and my daughter met two folks from the NBC soap “Passions.” The convention center is -huge-, though, and we walked a lot, so by the time we got home, we both collapsed!

Today I’m getting ready to head off to work - and … it’s my birthday. :slight_smile: I just “picked up” a nice Hallmark ecard from a good friend, so my day has started off nicely. Hope it continues along this line! :slight_smile:

I second this motion and add that I never found Heathcliff attractive in the slightest. WH seems to be a glorification of female abuse–he knocks her around etc. Um, no thanks.

I was also aware and slightly puzzled re the whole Charlotte not liking Jane thing. Of course, back then, they took novel writing very seriously and were all fixated on your life philosophy and approach etc. I like Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre a lot. Never read Anne. But if I had to choose-it’s Austen all the way, baby!
I am off to work now-then off till the weekend (except for my library job). Have a lot to do this week for school. DR is painted; will pick up the rug on Tuesday and that’s one room DONE. Thank og.
#1 son has the fencing meeting today after school. I am a little proud of him because he found out about it himself and told me etc. My little boy is growing up! (need sardonic smiley here).

And he is in the confirmation class at Youth in church-something that I am ambivalent about (for reasons too long to go into here). Let us all hope for a better experience than my daughter had.

rose -are there songs for barbering that are still under copyright? I would have thought that “Lida Rose” etc were all public domain…but that’s my ignorance. Not nice about groups A and B–I hate when people do that. I always feel bad for the person left with the smaller group…

It is NOT too early to do Xmas shopping–something I need to start soon. Off to work, toodles!