No longer a lurker, dropped the coin to put in my two cents when needed.

Well, I finally made the plunge, please be gentle. I’ve been lurking for several months now. Taking the information and knowledge I’ve learned here to go out into the world and fight evil and protect the oppressed masses… kinda… :dubious:

Anyway, just thought I’d start a thread to say hello and that I look forward to getting to know all of you. I’d have brought cookies, but my stupid computer deleted all of them…grrrr…

So, in short, HELLO ALL :smiley: ! ! !
‘Snipe out’

Welcome, Snipe!

(OK, we got his money. That’s it for him then!)


Relax and enjoy your welcoming ceremony – you’ll forget most of it in time.

Welcome Snipe1978!

How do you feel about Goats, and Miracle Whip?

Goats are ok, miracle whip is nice on turkey sammiches. The things I’m worried about are the squid and that pesky lonk. I’ve heard tales about that lonk, and NONE of them sound good.

Not to worry, the lonk is easily distracted by snipe hunting.


Ummmm…I gotta go now…

Welcome! Please leave your pie at the front desk, then print out and apply this badge to the left breast of your shirt and follow me to the waiting room. The … um … welcome wagon will be with you shortly. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the boards, Snipe!

DUDE ! ! I LOVE THAT BADGE ! ! I will wear it proudly. Thanks to all who have welcomed me. I did just notice that it said I’d been a member since May. That was when I signed up for the guest account I’m guessing. Posted a couple time there. But have been lurking for quite a while. Helps me get through the day without jumping out my window. As far as Snipe hunting… you gonna need a bigger gun Oakminster.

‘Snipe out’

Welcome aboard the Dope Snipe1978.
Question about your name, by any chance where you a ship’s engineer in the Navy? Or is it hunting related?
What are your interests?
I hope you enjoy your stay.

Beware the squids and room 4.


Welcome aboard!
Can I get one of the badges in bumpersticker form?

Welcome! Is 1978 a significant year to you, or were there 1977 other Snipes ahead of you??


I’d guess the former, given the information in this profile.

There’s an ongoing thread in which the newest Dopers are being greeted. Since you signed up too early to be listed there, Snipe1978, I’ll take this opportunity to welcome you!

Ok, here’s my answers

The Snipe part came from paintballing, got it from my cousins and have kept in since. Use in in gaming and the likes. Plus, I used to take a LOT of people Snipe hunting back in high school.

The 1978 is the year in which I hatched. I was not born, I do not believe I am from this world. But yeah 1978 was a good year for me.

I am going to make a bunch of those stickers into actual stickers. I will adorn all of my many electronic toys with the proud badge of the dopers.

Thanks again everyone for the welcome and I look forward to getting to know all of you better. Hope to see all of you around on the other boards.

‘Snipe out’

Hello Snipe1978. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile: