No more avatars and no pics in signatures

So did something happen to cause a no for both of these? :confused:

I am new btw. :slight_smile:

Never had 'em, never will (hopefully).

Why does ot say edit signature if none will show? :eek:

You can have a signature that uses words.

I put one up. But not seeing it? Do i need X amount of posts first? I wish i could ad a tiny pic in it. But oh well. :slight_smile:

It’s in your profile. Sigs like that are one of the reasons we don’t have avatars and pictures in sigs.

Lots of things happened, and they were all pretty graphic.

Avatars and sigs with pictures are generally annoying to the users here and go against the SDMB’s established culture.

Here are the rules on signatures, which you can get to by clicking on the “FAQs - Please Read First - Rules, Guidelines, Etiquette, Technical Issues” sticky at the top of this forum and following the links:

Some folks do have avatars, which they enable via a greasemonkey script. This is not a part of the SDMB and only works with other users who use the same setup. This is not supported by the SDMB and those avatars are not visible to regular users of the SDMB.


If you want your signature to show up, then you have to check the box that says “show signature” on every post you want it to show up on. Note that, around here, it’s generally considered polite to include it only once per thread, or at most once per page on a multi-page thread.

Oh i sed it now. Thanks. :slight_smile: shame on the avatars. :frowning:

Just so you know, people will mock you for punctuation more than content.

That reminds me…

I should start top posting or bottom posting or whatever that style was back in the early days of the net that was even worse than YELLING.


Well, royal blueing it anyway.

I’ve got a dancing baby avatar somewhere…

Is he Smurf like?

PM me for cost and availability.

An avatar killed Cecil’s father.

No, it’s not a shame. Not even a little bit.

Possibly but he did kill Blackwolf even though he had to resort to technology to do it.

Top posting sucks! Also, down with AOL!!!

I use the following scripts, but use at your own risk. Search ATMB to see if there are updated versions.

greasemonkey script to see linked images displayed inline.

script that displays avatars of people who have supplied them.