No more magic on eBay!

eBay is going on a woo diet. I guess there were too many complaints from the customers.

I’d prefer they go after the deceptive listings that continue to go on, something like Xbox360 amazing graphics!
*Once you pay for this listing you will be emailed amazing graphics files of an Xbox360.
This scam has even been featured on Judge Judy, yet you still see it on ebay.

Or who could forget the classic Xbox 360 premium box!!*

*You’re actually bidding on just the box, sucker.

Now if only Facebook would ban the “+1 Like = One Prayer!!” business. :smack:

If the description in that link is the original, then anybody who bid on it thinking it was a real Xbox has only themselves to blame and it wasn’t a scam at all.

I was going to disagree, but actually, it’s pretty clear. There are deceptive listings on eBay, but that ain’t one of them.

BSimpson/whoa, bet the psychic didn’t see that coming/BS

I can just see alties blowing a gasket over having reiki banned along with spells and potions. :smiley:

Is this really a new thing? when I was 14 or 15 I tried to sell my soul on ebay and it was deleted for a simlar rule to this “new” one.

“I used to love eBay, but the magic is gone.”

Dude, I remember the same kind of sales for PS2 boxes. And Gamecube ones, as well.

Holy shit. I’ve been totally missing out on a source of income.

You were too young to make an informed, adult decision. Try it now.

Back in MY day, if you wanted to try to sell your soul, you had to have candles and incantations and such. Dadblasted newfangled intarwebs, anyway.

I seriously did try to sell my soul to the devil when I was a teenager. Either he wasn’t interested, or I was already damned at a tender age.

No, he bought it, I saw it pass on Ebay a few times, though I guess now it’s on the underground market. :eek:

No more “ghost in a jar”? Damn. End of an era.

I saw that and wondered if spell components would still be legal. I mean, the components are perfectly material things. They wouldn’t become magic (yes, I know, they won’t) until the buyer . . . does a casting or whatever.

You could even put a disclaimer. These hawk feathers are not magic and can be used for things besides . . .

But, but, but…I never got PAID for it! That’s no sale, that’s theft!

Well you had the usual 30 days to file a appeal. But I suspect your appeal would fail anyway since your soul is ultimately your essence, which you sold to Satan, so Satan can claim any payment made to you, including the original fee paid for your soul.

These mortals thinking they have a chance in dealing with the devil on their own :rolleyes:

If you want it back, I believe it is now owned by Perdue Chicken company which they got as a bonus gift with the chicken feed they bought last month, so I suggest going to the nearest supermarket and getting a Perdue chicken - make sure you get charged and pay for that chicken which will also be the soul repurchase or Satan will file that 30 day appeal - though you can use coupons and even get them doubled, but don’t get the parts cut up, but the whole bird prepared for cooking - as you don’t want your soul returned cut up. Make a offering by fire (or electric oven if you don’t have a gas one) and cook it at about 350 degrees till the juices run clean and the internal temperature is at least 165F. Consume the bird to complete the transaction.

Don’t stuff the bird unless you want to gain weight :smiley: