No more model rockets for you hobby boy - Homeland security is at stake!

Model rockets may be grounded -
New rules from Homeland Security Act unfair, hobbyists say

So is gasoline :slight_smile:

I do love those model rockets.

I guess I bought my blimp just in time. In the wrong hands, it could kill millions!

What about water rockets?
They use water (der!) which you can get hydrogen out of, so they must be dangerous too.

And of course, hydrogen is an important componet of thermonuclear bombs, so we must ban water.



I just reported you to the Department of Homeland Security Blimp Boy. :wink:

I used to fly Estes rockets (I never got into the Century rockets for some reason). I still have a few kits put away with my balsa and plastic models. It would be a shame to ban them because their engines are “explosives”. But there are different classes of model rocket engines. Some can be bought over the phone and shipped to your home by Poo-is-Brown – I mean “UPS” – and others require a license. It seems to me that the government isn’t quite so stupid as to ban toy rocket engines; otherwise they may as well ban blackpowder and smokeless powder and bullets.

As I understand it, there are more rules nowadays that limit where you can fly rockets. When I was a kid you could just go to a park or an open field.

Hey man I knew this 15 years ago when ahem some people I know used to use the propellant to make small pipe bombs, just for kicks. It was just a fancy firework to umm… them. They never blew anything up except the bomb itself. And they were young and stupid. It obviously IS an explosive. Still I think it’s kind of dumb because it would really take a lot of these engines to do any real damage. I am all for securing explosives, but frankly there are easier ways to get more powerful explosives than these engines provide. All this will do is keep stupid kids from blowing themselves up and raise the cost for true rocket hobbyists. I think true terrorists have the capability to do more damage with other means. And if kids wanted to do another Columbine thing, getting enough engines to do any real damage would probably raise some eyebrows anyway, even without the restrictions. And these days with the internet, the more sophisticated explosives are just a click away. W… The kids I knew 15 years ago had to send away for catalogs for that kind of information. Boy I haven’t thought about this for a long time. Thanks for the memories.

Actually, Johnny the government IS that stupid… the regs under discussion ban ALL model rocket engines of any size or composition.

Me, I think it’s the result of some bureaucrat who knows jack about the subject going “Rocket engines?” thinks of moon launches and space shuttles “Why, those are explosives and they’re dangerous - we have to ban them all.” Including the toys.

This reminds me entirely too much of what the aviation types went through after 9/11.

I think in part it’s a matter of more people using the airspace. Remember one Saturday morning when I called flight service and they informed me of three rocket-launch permit holders and a balloon race across my intended route of travel. Considered the joys of a model rocket launch to 4,000 feet zipping by the airplane and reconsidered my destination.