No mouseover

If you disable the touchscreen, I believe that works. Then you have a mouse pointer only device again.

What about using any-hover:hover as I suggested a few posts above? Will that not work for some reason?

Why would i want to disable the touch screen? It’s a nice bonus, and it’s a benefit or neutral for everything i do except use this software.

(In particular, i often use the touch screen to put the laptop to sleep. I don’t ever use it for routine navigation, though.)

My sense is that all but the bottom-of-the-line Windows 10 laptops come with both a touch screen and another pointing device that will be the primary pointing device. I was really surprised to see that the new MacBook pro won’t have a touch screen, honestly.

I was wondering the same. You don’t want to make any mission-critical event be something that some users don’t have. But what’s the harm of always showing the mouse over if any hover is detected?

You have to disable touch before starting the browser, not just before opening SD. So not so good if you already have other tabs open. Note this requires running a small script for on/off, not just a simple key.
Plus this is nothing to do with the browser companies. Discourse has added code to detect touch-screen and then disable mouseover, put in originally to help smartphone users. To get touch-mouseover back, no coding needed, just delete those lines.

Now even on non-touch devices, some of the Discourse themes disable touch (not sure how or why). So add smart-phone themes with no mouseover, or use the ones that are there. Or disable mouseover in mobile view? Clumsy, maybe, but no worse than asking a large number of users to run scripts!
With no easy automated option, coud a switch be added t the hamburger menu, like mobile view?

Did something change with mouseover? I still have my touchscreen enabled, but as of today I’m seeing mouseovers on the topic lists. If this is a permanent change, thank you!

Yes! The browser makers finally made it possible to detect mouse vs touchscreen (or both) and mouse overs and hover should work for touchscreen laptops now. This change is thanks to Penar on our team.

You definitely know you are on an Apple device when you do not have a touchscreen on your laptop.

Not necessarily. My HP laptop that I’m using right now does not have touchscreen. Its predecessor (also HP) did, but I didn’t find that useful enough to hold out for it when I needed a replacement.

Naw, cheap old PC’s don’t have touchscreen, either. Neither do most Chromebooks.

But thanks!

I didn’t change anything like a theme here but I now have mouseover preview, weird. I haven’t seen mouseover preview since the discourse move.

Working for me as well. Great!

Glad to hear this is now working!

Apologies for the long delay in getting this out but it took a while for browsers to be able to detect and report touchscreens (which don’t support hover, because how do you “hover” a finger over a touchscreen) versus traditional screens plus mouse (which do support hover).

I’d also add that due to the overwhelming majority of devices being touchscreen smartphones now and for the forseeable future, relying on behaviors such as hover that are impossible on smartphones has been strongly discouraged. If we can detect the type of screen, though, we can have our :cake: and eat it too!