No mouseover

Can’t mouse over a thread title to see the first few lines of a post. I appreciated that a lot, when I could do it. Any chance it could happen here?

See here.

Well, now there is a new feature–I got notified that you linked to my post from another thread.

It also sticks a link in this thread under the OP (you might have to click the little down-arrow to show it).

Okay, thank you.

Mouseovers have been enabled.

I’m not seeing them.

That was fast. Good to have the mouse-overs back.

Weird…doesn’t work in my “normal” Firefox configuration, but it does work in a private window. Also works in Chrome. Some kind of add-on conflict I guess.

I’m using chrome and the Sam’s Simple theme and I’m not seeing mouseovers at all. Is this something that needs to propagate through the system or am I doing something wrong?

Mouseover now works for me, possibly because I logged out, closed the tab, and restarted. I’m in firefox btw.

Edit to add: mouseover works in chrome also, even though I’m not logged in there.


Either I am a complete idiot, or there’s something odd about my Chrome. Logged out, closed/reopened Chrome, logged back in, still no mouseover.

What theme are you using?

Discourse-classic, on Windows 10 with Chrome.

Try switching to one of the Straight Dope themes.

None of those offers adequate visual separation between posts for my ease-of-reading liking, and elsethread, I’ve seen at least one other person using the same theme/browser/OS who does get mouseovers.

The Straight Dope themes have mouse-over now. The other themes don’t. OTOH, Sam’s Theme has some good stuff on the Thread List page (like the OP’s name and latest poster’s name shown in plain-text and the time-stamps of those two posts) which the SD themes do not. Elsewhere, several posters have agreed that this is a persuasive argument for Sam’s Theme. But now with mouse-over only in the SD themes, we are conflicted as to which theme to use!

I’ve created a thread, One Theme To Rule Them All, where we can all discuss what we like and don’t like in the themes we’ve tried, and what we want to see in a theme. If we come to some general consensus on what a good theme should have, then maybe TPTB can pull all the best features together into one theme.

I’m seeing mouse-over previews. AWESOME!!! Thank you to whoever made this happen. Great job!

Hurray! That was my biggest complaint about the new board.

Now – on to colours and more text sizes!