Mouse-over feature turned off, or is it just me?

I’ve noticed this not working for the past hour or so.

Works fine for me.

Works fine for me, even while using Firefox, which doesn’t like alt tags.

Well sheesh. Maybe I should just reboot.

Thanks, y’all.


browser issue

good day

Works for me (unfortunately)

Tell me about it. I hate it. You can’t rest your mouse pointer anywhere centrally without the stupid annoying yellow boxes coming up.

An irritation I would rather live without.

I agree. I changed browsers recently, my old one didn’t support the mouse-over feature. I didn’t know just how lucky I was :frowning:

Works for me, and I find it a very useful feature.

It has it’s uses (like, well, seeing some of the thread without opening it) but It’s not often I need to do that and it gets in the way when you are looking at thread titles to click on. It would be better if it didn’t get activated even when mousovering the space after the thread title.

A couple of things I’ve noticed… IE seems to show about half a paragraph on the mouseover, but Mozilla only gives me about half a sentence. The other odd thing I’ve noticed with Mozilla is that I often get a little mouseover text box popping up even after the thread has opened! YMMV…

Interesting…I’m still getting the mouseover (using Firefox 1.0, FTR), but there’s a delay of a fraction of a second, and I have to hold the pointer over the thread title to get the balloon text. I like that much better than before, where I had to keep the pointer way over to the right of the screen or else have them popping up constantly.

Now I’ve got to put up with it here too :frowning:

Bloody irritating.