No offense, Mr. Phelps, but you've become very predictable.

Seems like we can’t go one famous person dying without ol’ Fred Phelps picketing the funeral. When I first heard Ronald Reagan died, my first though was “I wonder if Phred will be at the funeral”. Why not, he was at Bob Hope’s, and Mr’ Roger’s. And no matter how much Reagan hated gays, it probably wasn’t enough for Phelps. Reagan ignored AIDS for six years? Phelps is mad because it wasn’t seven!

Anyway, I did my daily check of just to see what the pathetic pissant was up to. On the link where he lists where and what he will picket, he lists at the very top Ronald Reagan’s funeral. Hell, he hasn’t released a PDF file rant about how Reagan was a “fag enabler” or a “sodomite propagandist” or how his adiminstration was a “fag pimp monstrous sodomite whorehouse”.

Am I the only one who thinks that at this point Phelps is just trying to shock people by picketing the funerals of famous people, regardless of what they thought of gays?

[Robert Palmer]

His lights are on, but Fred’s not home
Phelps’ mind is in that zone
His palms sweat, his sign he shakes
Another picket line is what it takes

He can’t sleep, when lesbos eat
Just goin’ crazy over dicks in deep
His ass is tight, no anal beads
Another fag to hate is all he needs

Whoa, he likes to think that God commands all this stuff, oh

It’s closer to the truth to say he can’t get enough, we
know he’s

Never gonna face it, he’s addicted to hate.

[/Robert Palmer]

It’s just a given that, whoever you talk about, can’t hate gays as much as Fred Phelps. Hell, Jerry Falwell doesn’t hate gays as much as Fred Phelps. (Falwell’s comment about Phelps picketing Matthew Shepard’s family, “I found it almost impossible to believe that human beings could be so brutal and vicious to a hurting family. He’s a first class nut”)

So, yeah, for Phelps, pretty much everybody but him is progay.

Remember, too, the old phrase “All publicity is good publicity”. As long as it give Phelps some more media coverage, it’s good to him.

Will Fred Phelps leave instructions to picket his own funeral?

Picketers won’t have any room - they’ll be crowded out by those dancing jigs on his grave.

Frankly, I think it would be dangerous for him to picket Reagan’s funeral. There might be people there who become enraged. I saw a lone sailor standing at the funeral home and saluting. Phelps had better hope guys like him aren’t nearby when he does his deed.

Hmmm, now that’s a VERY good observation. Considering the way people are reacting to those who point out that Reagan wasn’t the second coming, someone like Phelps is likely to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Well that would just be a damn shame.

How interesting. This very past weekend I was discussing possible names for my house with a friend. We came up with several possibilities but ol’ Phelpsie has hit the nail on the head. It’s perfect!

The sign will be up next week. :smiley:

That being said… he plans to picket the ground breaking for the Freedom Tower? What? The terrorists failed to make sure there were enough fags in the WTC before they hit it?

Now, now, it would be impolite to dance the jig on his grave.

I’m considering the foxtrot, but I need a dancing partner.

Good Sir, may I have the honor of this dance.

QUite certainly, if you know the steps.

If he shows up. He has a habit of chickening out of protests where such a thing might happen.

Isn’t that the whole point?

One theory: he’s a phony.

He makes a lot of money suing people who attack him or otherwise try to impede him. His family is full of practicing lawyers for this purpose. When he came to my town a few years back, everyone was given little flyers from a local group telling them to be careful not to interact with him – do’t shout back, don’t approach, don’t do anything that could be perceived as even close to actionable on any grounds. Apparently, that’s one of the ways he keeps his organization going.

If you want to whip people up into a mighty rage, picketing a president’s funeral in a time of record patriotism isn’t a half bad idea.

Either that, or he’s a looney who wants attention. Either way, best ignore him.

I can imagine a group of heavily made-up drag queens pretending to play musical instruments in the back ground.

What’s the name of the group of drag queens that dress up like nuns? Those folks would be perfect!

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Oh goody! I’ve gotten a lot better. I hardly ever step on feet anymore. :smiley: