No one should have this much fun with office equipment!! Wheeee!!

I just bought a shredder so I could tidy up my home and my life.

It’s very compact, only takes four pages at a time the width of an envelope (so I have to fold papers the long way: one sheet = 2 paper thickness), but it will handle staples and credit cards, buzzing them into nice cross-cut pieces. Also has its own steel latticework wastebasket that the shredder sits on, auto-off if the shredder is lifted off the basket, and it’s quick and fairly quiet, although it did scare the cat the first time I used it. She’s ignoring it by now.

Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the unused checks from the closed account!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the outdated resumes!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the notes from the completed projects!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the credit cards!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the ten-year-old tax forms!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the miscellaneous unneeded papers!
Buzz goes the junk mail!
Buzz goes the empty torn envelopes!
Buzz goes the junk mail!

Don’t have the gumption to work on the old love letters yet. Mebbe after I finish buzzing the junk mail.

But I now feel much cleaner and refreshed. Except for the credit cards, it’s all getting mixed up and buried in the potted plants as mulch.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Never thought cleaning could be this much fun for $19.95. I can’t wait to get my home copier hooked back up. Heh heh heh…

My late mother bought me a cheap shredder after I graduated college, to shred credit card info and so forth. She was way ahead of the “identity theft” fad.

So every time I buzz the credit card offers or the old phone bills into strips, and smell the tang of the DC motor’s ozone, I think of Mom, who sorted her trash to prevent my sisters from throwing out something elseful.

Mom, you were nuts about trash, but thanks for the shredder. Oh, and the gift of life, that too.

No mulching opportunities around the apartment… but it makes a really lovely mess of CD’s and old credit cards.

Now, if only I had a decent printer. Oh, and some new pens. Hey, I think I’m going to Office Depot tonight and get myself some fresh pink erasers…

Hmmm. Where’d you get your shredder? I’ve been meaning to get one and do the same for a while. Now that it sounds like fun, I wanna play too! :cool:

Got it at Target, along with a brand new set of kitchen knives (I felt the need for sharp objscts in my life, okay, the old knives were cheap quality and some had rust and the handles were becoming unsafe [read: coming apart]). Gonna start buzzing again as soon as it becomes a decent hour, just in case the neighbors are still asleep. (I might think it’s quiet, but my neighbors might not at oh-dark-thirty, just like they might not think my “Conan the Barbarian” soundtrack is playing at an acceptable level. Wanna be nicey-nicey with the folks around me.)

I don’t have any CDs to shred, except my “Lilo and Stitch” DVD is officialy toast. You can shred CDs?!?! Will it work on DVDs? :wink:

I can’t wait to *buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz *!!!

Things that make you go ‘Wheeeeeeeeee!!!’

It only handles four sheets of paper (two, if they’re folded), but it can handle staples and credit cards? Weird.

You know what’d be great? A shredder that could munch those unsolicited offers from credit card companies, without having to open the envelope. Even if they included one of those stupid fake cards inside. I know a heavy duty machine like that would cost a lot, but it would almost make receiving junk mail fun.

The slot is not very wide, only the size of an envelope. It’s a small machine, fits perfectly on the desk. I was not about to spend $59 on something three times as big where I would have to move a bookshelf to accomodate it.

As far as the junk mail, I open them first. Not only have a couple of important bills looked like junk mail, but how do you think I now have more than 900 return address labels (from all of those charitable donation request forms), since I do not want the gummy stuff to jam the machinery. Plus, I separate the plastic (those ‘pre-approved’ temporary membership cards, old credit cards) from the paper: plastic is not going to decompose as plant mulch.

It takes a little longer, but that means so much more Buzz!!


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