No threads on Man On Fire?

Maybe my search missed it. Did anybody else really like this movie? The young girl (also in I Am Sam, I forget her name) is an excellent actress, amazing for her age. Wonder who old she is. I love Denzel, and I thought he did a great job, as usual. I loved this line: When asked some question about forgiveness, Denzel (an assassin by profession) says, “Forgiveness - that’s between them and God. It’s my job to arrange the meeting.” My favorite part: When she runs from the kidnappers’ car to Denzel, he picks her up, hugs her, says something appropriate for the situation, can’t remember what, and then pauses, looks at her, and says “Hi.” and smiles at her, keeps looking at her. She smiles back and says “Hi.”

I love that movie. Bought the DVD when it first went on sale. There are two commentaries, which are both good. I just wish the DVD had the deleted scenes.

I liked it, although it seemed a little over directed with the fast cuts and the herky-jerky camera movements.

I thought it was hysterical when Denzel was torturing one of the perpetrators and the guy bothers to correct Denzel’s Spanish.

It bothered me a little that the girl happened to be the rare white girl who lives in Mexico City. I can see some studio bigwigs getting together and deciding that the audience wouldn’t care enough if she were Hispanic.

The little girl would be Dakota Fanning who is quite the child actress, all of ten. She played Sean Penn’s daughter in I am Sam.