No wonder Alabama is picked on so much...

…a good portion of their citizenry seems a bit flustered and uptight and in dire need of a good, gutt-wrenching orgasm.

“A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a 1998 Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys in the state, ruling the Constitution doesn’t include a right to sexual privacy.”


So come on Alabamians…replace the 10 commandments monument in the courthouse lobby with a kiosk selling dildos and cherry-flavored lube…just for a little while. You might be pleasantly surprised by the extra spring in your step and gleam in your eye. :wink:

My god, if you don’t have a right to a private sex life, what the hell part of your life do you have the right to keep private???

Bloody hell. Do we have to go down this particular path again? This has been discussed multiple times in the past.

Yes, there is a law on the books in Alabama that prohibits the sale of sex toys. There is no injunction against owning sex toys. Alabamians are free to enjoy carnal pleasures that are battery-derived. Or cherry-flavored, even. You just can’t buy them in the state.

Is Alabama not part of the land of the free then?

We might have problems getting guns but we can get sex toys. I know which ones make me smile more :smiley:

I’ll bet you guys can drink a beer in the street, because I’ll sure as hell can’t. There are stupid laws wherever you state you’re in, they just vary a bit.

I don’t think we can marry a duck on Wednesdays either.

Sorry, Sauron.

I actually do have an ulterior motive besides attempting to rile-up the oppressed folks in the sex-toy market. I’m really just trying to instigate some mutually beneficial barter at the AL/GA state line.

So whaddya say?

I’ll bring the dildos and vibrators, you bring the fireworks. We just have to be carefull not to confuse the product names and packaging… :smiley:

NOW you’re talking!

What can I get for some artillery shell fireworks and a handful of cherry bombs?

That’s what happens when rights come from scribbles.

THANK YOU **World Eater ** for pointing out the obvious that every fucking state in the US has a stupid law on the books somewhere.

Can you marry a duck on Fridays though?

And for the record, the 10 C monument isn’t in the courthouse lobby and hasn’t been for some time now.

Though no one mentioned it, just in case it wasn’t taken that way, my post was a joke. Stupid laws are everywhere.

Yes, yes, of course. My wording choice was simply for humor’s sake. Perhaps I should have said “in place of the hole in the floor where the 10 C monumpent used to be, put a kiosk selling dildos and cherry flavored lube”.

Would that make it all better?

Georgia is right there with 'Bama on my “What the fuck??” list, no doubt. But we have to be able to laugh at the idiosyncracies of our beloved states. We can’t all just pick up and move. Who would go to Auburn and Braves games?

No joke, past Griffin and Alpharetta, Georgia gets wierd. Never again will I date a girl from south Georgia, especially when her father and brothers want to take me “hunting” in the middle of nowhere.

I’m sure the Braves could manage. They just like to be teases anyway. “Look, we’re gonna win it all this year… Ha! Made you look!” Plus, 15 years ago, no one went to their games. I think they miss those days.

Of course they do - doesn’t mean we can’t point and laugh or even make a Pit thread about 'em. The fact that they actually said " the Constitution doesn’t include a right to sexual privacy." is pretty bad. If you want to argue slippery slope (which I don’t, really), if one doesn’t have a right to sexual privacy, then I could see some asshole politician or police force installing hidden cameras in people’s bedrooms to catch them breaking
deviate sexual practices law.
And lest you think I wouldn’t toss a stone at my own state: I’m the first to hang my head in shame that Az actually voted against MLK day being a federal holiday.

Don’t forget in AZ: You may not have more than two dildos in a house. :slight_smile:
My complaint is that I don’t see this pit thread pointing out stupid laws for lots of states. In general it always seems to be “let’s all point out how backwards and ignorant the South is” and that irritates me.

But then again, maybe that’s just my hang up so I’ll leave this one alone.

You think Griffin is not wierd? This is a town hundreds of miles from the coast that has an annual beach bash where they bring in truck loads of sand, dump it in the middle of the down town area streets and have a carnival. This is a town where they celebrate the dentist/gunfighter Doc Holiday of all people. This is a town that wouldn’t allow beer sales in grocery stores despite it being available in the stores in the county. They chose to fight the challenge on the ban even though their own attorney advising them they’d lose. This is a town where the newspaper didn’t even send a photographer to the MLK Day parade. That’s right, I, as the reporter, had to take pictures for my own story because they wouldn’t assign a photographer. Nope, both those guys had the day off because they were at the middle school sports games the night before.

I used to believe that you went back a year in time for each mile you traveled outside The Loop. It’s probably 2 years per mile now.

The difference is that these stupid laws actually get enforced in the South. Stupid is as stupid does.

snarf I had no idea! Good heavens! I guess I only visited the sane parts. So true about the 285 part though. Ever been to Suches county? HA! Good times. Who’s for cow tipping?!? Mooo…

Not to get nitpicky, but Alabama (or its lawmakers) didn’t say that. A federal court, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, said that.

How exactly do they define “dildo”? Because all my toys are battery operated, therefore, not true dildos. :wink:

I’m sorry - I misunderstood what exactly that meant - I thought they meant a federal court w/in the state of AL.

However, I stand by my pointing and pitting for AL passing the law in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is in Georgia – maybe Atlanta.

Oh, the law’s stupid, no question. I think it’s a fairly recent addition to the books – mid- to late-1990s, and I believe there were some politics and personal agendas involved in getting the law passed. I wanna say it was the result of ill-will between a store owner and the police in the northern section of the state. I could be wrong, though.