No work for me today

I was just setting off for work this morning, when I received a phonecall from my department manager telling me not to come in today. Apparently the paint/spirit factory two doors down from my place chemically exploded this morning, causing them to evacuate the area. Looking on the news, the fires still burning and the entire areas clouded in chemical fog, causing untold problems on the roads (its by the bottom of the M1).
No-one has been hurt in this BTW, the area was empty of people when it went off.

A paid day off! 5 day bank holiday birthday weekend! I’m off to buy me some birthday presents and then drink all day. Non fatal accidents like this should happen more regularly.

You jammy git. I wonder what it’d take to make the place two steps down from me explode … ? It’s a pig farm. Think I’d best abandon that line of thought.

Lucky Guy :cool:

You are sooooo lucky! Once, a forklift in our warehouse ran into a gas main. The boss made us stand right in front of the building so we’d be right there to get back to work after the fire dept. gave the “all clear”.

Cheap bastid.

Every year and a half or so we get a bomb threat at my work and end up with the rest of the day off. I just wish the nutjobs would call them in a little earlier so we didn’t have to come in at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW! Happy bank holiday, weekend and BIRTHDAY!

So what are you buying for yourself?

Whoo! Fires, expanding clouds of noxious chemical fog, and millions of pounds worth of damage.

Yessiree, it’s a lucky, lucky day in London town.