Nobody Knows...(Recipe Lies You'll Take To The Grave)

OK nobody knows but…

My cornbread is a mix…

I was wondering what lies our great chefs on this board may have.

Like maybe…

Nobody knows but…My special sauce is Open Bit Barbecue Sauce.


Nobody knows but…The secret to my special chewy brownies is playdough in the batter


Any confessions?

Most people, aside from my wife, have no idea that my spaghetti sauce contains approximately 50% ground beef and 50% ground moose, which I get from a hunting friend.

That is till they get “Mad Moose” disease :slight_smile:

I make my soylent green with tofu. :slight_smile:

So tofu tastes like people?:slight_smile:

Well to me it tastes like peoples ass, so yes.

A Møøse once bit my sister.

I follow a recipe that came with the bread machine to make the bread everyone seems to absolutely die for. I mean, I dump ingredients into a breadmaker and turn it on and I get OH MY GOD ELLEN MAKES BREAD TO DIE FOR!


My “to die for” layered desert is broken brownies from a mix, chocolate pudding from a mix, Cool Whip and crushed Heath bars. I feels like Sandra fucking Lee, but I have to admit, it’s damn tasty.

My brownies, in general, come from a box. From Aldi. The really cheap kind. Best damn brownies ever.

Hey, I have that same recipe. Do you pour kahlua over the brownies after they come out of the oven and are still warm, before breaking them up? It’s incredible.

I also make almost the same thing, but with chocolate cake instead of brownie, and Skor bar instead of Heath bar. Trifle.

If you take one of these, flip the foot over, and place the cover on it, like a bowl, it makes the perfect presentation for this dessert. (the knob-like handle of the cover fits into the foot of the plate piece.)
eta: like this.


I buy boxed mixes and pasta but i always add things like more garlic or sometimes chicken, shrimp or mushrooms … or; for brownies extra chocolate or coconut or chopped candy bars instead of using frosting.

My taco meat is two parts ground round, one part chorrizo. Made with what ever taco seasoning packets that happen to be on sale at the time.

Folks love my tacos. They’re just not sure as to why.

The cakes that get raves because they are so moist, are from a mix. They just go into the freezer as soon as they leave the oven, that’s why they are moist.

My wife will take many of her recipes to her grave because she wings them. The successes go to the latest Church Social. The minor failures go to us. The major failures, which include minor failures “I wouldn’t give to the dogs,” go to the garbage can because the rest of us cannot tell the difference. As a tolerant fat man, the past 33 years have given me the choice between making my own dinner and eating out of the garbage can. The garbage can makes a damned good argument.

Mix cakes beat the hell out of scratch cakes, usually. Wife managed one which duplicated the taste of Oreo cookies and a frosting of Oreo frosting that was to die for but, since she makes it up as she goes along, she never duplicated it.

Again, as a fat man, I say, “That was 1979,” and ask myself why I stay with this woman when I could marry Sara Lee. :frowning:

Homer? Is that you?

I jerked off into Tami’s cole-slaw.

I have kind of a bastardized version of herbes de provence that I’ve been tinkering with for about 10 or so years now. In there, you’ll find, among other things, tarragon and capers, which gives it, I think, that little “something” people just love. It has the brine of the capers, but far less pungent than fresh ones, along with the mild sweet of the tarragon. Also, no lavender. I’ve said too much!